Your smartphone isn’t smart without these 4 apps

We find releasing of some app or the other each day and this can be seen more often with mobile apps. Some of these are really useful. In fact, all of them come with one use or the other for different users. Downloading, installing and using all the mobile apps is not advised but at the same time we cannot forego all the useful apps for mobile phones. Here are few mobile apps which your smartphone should definitely have or else the meaning of the SMARTPHONE is lost. These apps are useful for all due to their universal application. They are useful alike to common men and also high-profile people.

1) Scene app:

This app is applicable only for iPhones and iPods. This turns Apple devices into 3D Scanner. Using this app, we can take excellent photos of the objects. The app also facilitates capturing of 3D pictures by just shaking the devices. This is very useful for photographers and people who love photography. It enables capturing of pictures with ease and also of high quality.

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2) My Culinary Encyclopedia:

This app, My Culinary Encyclopedia can simply be called as Bible of cooking and has been developed under the guidance of well-known chef Alain Ducasse. This app has 250 types of different cooking videos, which clearly explain on cooking of these 250 dishes. Apart from having clear and explanatory dish preparation videos the app also has detailed information of 180 kinds of cooking ingredients. The app explains how to use them and also has the list of stores where you can find these ingredients. One more advantage you reap by using this app is you get 100 cooking tips all for free of cost. If we are not mistaken even this app works for only Apple devices.

3) Flipboard:

This app functions with android and iOS devices. You can ignore installing this app if you don’t wish to stay in touch with your friends and also ignore the day to day happenings of the world which you can know from news. Using this app you can know the news and also save the news of your interest. You can as well make your own magazine using this app.

4) Wikipedia Mobile:

This app is also functional for both iOS and android devices. Imagine the comfort levels of having and using Wikipedia on your mobiles. Seems amazing right! Just install this Wikipedia Mobile app in your smartphones and become intelligent by knowing all the facts. By installing this app once on your device, you can make use of this app when you are offline too. Make maximum usage of this app by downloading all the information you need when you active online and read them in your spare time even without the need of internet.

So keep in mind all these apps which are user-friendly and download them if you don’t have.

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