Your saliva can say your blood sugar levels

There is now good news for all diabetics. You have got a new means of testing the sugar levels in your body. The doctors from India have successfully tested a new diabetic test called as, ‘’salivary glycol protege.” All the test needs to know the sugar levels is your saliva. Using the saliva, this test will say you on the sugar count.

So now no more painful ways such as using needles on your skin or no more time-consuming ways like running to laboratories. This new kind of diagnosing sugar levels is one of the easy, quick and painless tests for diabetes at home.

An American doctor named Dr. Srinivas Nagalla and another doctor from India Dr. Vishnupriya Rao, Head of the endocrinology department in National institute of Medial Sciences (NIMS) located in Hyderabad from India were the brains behind this successful test.

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They have invented a new kind of a paper strip to test the sugar levels in the body. as part of knowing the sugar levels all you need to do is place this paper strip below the tongue and remove after a while and that’s it your sugar levels are noted.

This strip has seven lines on it which will indicate the diabetes levels (sugar levels). As per Dr. Vishnupriya Rao, one of the two members of the team has said that the results were very successful and that the test could exactly indicate the sugar levels in the body. He also further said that they would release this strip, which is a new means of knowing sugar levels in the body within 6 months. The team had also received patent rights for this salivary glycol protege testing method.

Dr. Rao also expressed grief that most of the diabetic patients don’t go for regular blood test to know the sugar levels and this will make them inefficient to control the sugar levels in the body. Whereas this paper strip is easy to know the results and each strip is priced at RS 2, which roughly comes around USD 0.032…..

He also said that since 2009 he along with Dr. Srinivas Nagalla have been trying to invent how to know sugar level in body with cost effective prices. He also said that other means of knowing sugar levels are more costly when compared to this.

He even added that the test is not only easy but also can be done by anyone sitting at home. So this makes it convenient for diabetic patients to know the sugar levels all by sitting at home easily and with less cost.

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