Your indoor garden care tips are here

Having indoor plants is always a safe move. By having them, you not only boost up interior design but you are also going healthy as you get fresh air. Having indoor plants alone is of no use unless you know some basic things about maintaining them. We shall see here the list of most common indoor plants and the tips to grow them well.

First let us see common indoor plants:


This plant grows well in indoors. One more advantage is, it does not ask for more water. So it suits best for all types of soils. The only care you need to take is to see that the surrounding area is not damp. Too much water can make the plant lose its life.


This is the most voraciously present home plant in many of the homes. The leaves of this plant are thick by nature. These plants need cold climate and so see that the placement of this plant is such that the climate is damp and also cool.

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This is just the most popular plant and can be found in any home that has an interest in plants and greenery. The best climate for healthy growth of this plant is it should have bright light. Along with bright light, it also needs proper sunlight. These plants grow well in containers, baskets and also glass jars. Money plant is the best example for ivy plants.

Rubber plant:

This plant does not need much light but needs more water. The soil should always be damp for its good growth. So keep the plant container always wet.

Having known about the common indoor plants now let us see how to take care of these indoor plants.

Lighting for indoor plants:

Any plant needs correct photosynthesis or else the tenure of the plant reduces. So make every effort to give the plant the much-needed light for healthy and good growth. It is better you place them near the windows.

Tips to choose plant pots for indoors:

These days we can easily get many types of containers to grow plants. Plastic, ceramic and cement pots are easily available and they also come with good quality. You can choose the size based on the plant and space you have. Plant pots come even in metal, but it is better to avoid them. Even the same applies for wooden pots. Consider each and every aspect before you choose one pot. This will make your indoor planting easier.

Tips to water indoor plants:

These plants need to be watered well or else they will not grow in order. So keeping in mind the climate and also the plant type and water them accordingly. You can take the suggestion of a horticulturist for more watering details.

Tips to control pests in indoor plants:

Don’t use artificial pesticides and insecticides. Prefer organic, this way you can save the indoor plants and also your health.

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