Your guide to choosing perfect sprays and scents

Human body perspires and, as a result, the body smells due to secreted sweat.  The intensity of the body odor directly depends on the amount of sweat secreted. Not all people sweat in equal terms or all people have the same kind of body odor. The chemical reaction of the sweat with the body differs and this is the reason why some people smell a lot and few people smell less. Some may smell higher while some may smell less and whatever the intensity of body odor is we should know few techniques to keep it off. Coz you also need to smell good for many reasons and this is very mandate when you are always surrounded by people. Here, in this article we shall see how to use perfumes, body sprays, and other essential aroma givers. All the precautions and safety you should follow will be discussed here.

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•    Not every kind of perfume and body spray goes well with both the genders. The cologne density and sweat levels are different for men and women. So using a men’s body spray or perfume on a female body is of no use and the same is true vice versa.

•    Check for skin allergies before you buy any kind of perfume and spray.

•    Also, some kinds of sprays lead to strains on cloth. So you should also consider this while buying perfume and spray.

•    There are different types of perfumes and sprays. Women should prefer sprays mostly that are rich in peppermint, lime, and citrus fragrance.

•    Rose and jasmine are good for women in summers.

•    Spray the perfumes directly on the body unless they are specially made for fabrics. Direct spraying of perfume on the body will vaporize the spray and make the body more fragrant and so you can stay fresh all day long.

•    While you spray, don’t forget to spray the perfume beyond the knees and also near the wrists.

•    If you are using cloth perfumes then spray them near collars and armpits.

•    During evenings, perfumes made with citrus flowers are good. Musky, woody and leather base notes sprays go well. These affect the mood also. These kinds of perfumes also linger on the body for more amount of time. Spray them behind the ears and also around collar bone. You can as well spray a little on hand too.

•    Coming to men, the sprays you use in mornings should have a strong base with regards to fragrance intensity.

•    During evenings, you can prefer sprays that have lavender and peppermint notes.

How to choose correct body spray:

First of all you should spray it near the wrist and wait to see its effect. Also, never do the mistake of sensing more than five different scents at a time; the nose cannot identify the difference once the number reaches five. If you mostly stay indoors it is best not to use high-density perfumes that are musky and highly fragrant. You should also have an idea of three layers or notes that are usually present in perfumes.

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