You need to avoid these fatal food combinations for sound health

Certain food combinations can be harmful to health. There are certain types of foods which should not be taken together. Taking them in combination can be fatal to health. Few food combinations can easily lead to gastric troubles, indigestion, chest congestion, increased toxins in the body and also diarrhea. It is always better to know what foods should not be taken together to avoid all these health complications. Here we go with the food combinations that should be avoided.

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•    Eating banana and cereals in succession is bad for health. Even eating banana after having banana milkshake can be fatal.

•    Many of us think milk and banana combination are healthy but actually it is not a good combination for health.

•    Even eating citrus fruits, fish, bread, mutton and yogurt along with milk can be dangerous for health as these food combinations lead to indigestion and nausea.

•    Don’t eat fish, mutton and other non-vegetarian foods cooked with dairy products.

•    Fruits such as mango, watermelon, and banana should not be combined with yogurt and taken. These should also be mixed with milk.

•    Many of us have the habit of taking mango milkshake which is very bad for health as it may lead to motions.

•    Normally we have the habit of eating fruits soon after meals. This habit is not good. Fruits should be taken either on an empty stomach or before one hour of having lunch. When you eat fruits as soon as having meals the stomach releases alkaline and acids which will lead to refluxes.

•    Both watermelon and muskmelon should be taken as they are. They should not be mixed with any other fruits or foods.

•    Boiling or heating honey is never ever a good cooking habit. When you do either of the things to it and use it in combination with other foods you are making the entire food a poisonous thing. Even eating pulses or other cereals in combination is also bad. If you wish to have honey tea, add honey only when tea gets cooled.

•    Also don’t combine dates with milk, which many of us do.

•    Lemon juice should not be added to cucumber, tomato and also yogurt. Taking all of them by mixing is also bad.

•    Soy products or soybeans should not be mixed with milk, egg, yogurt, fish and other meat stuff.

Note: Here we don’t mean to say that these food combinations are unhealthy for all. There are certain people who are healthy by combing the above list. The reason behind this is their digestive systems have become tolerable to these. So, it is always better to know your digestion system and eat accordingly.

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