You easily put on weight with these foods

We all know to lose weight and get in shape we need to eat fat less and sugarless food. But how far are they efficient in checking weight. The common foods we use as dieting foods instead of lessening the weight are in fact increasing the weight. This has been found out in some studies. Here we go with the list of obesity foods to avoid.

Skimmed milk:

Many of us are under the impression that skimmed milk does not have fat and cream and so it assists in weight loss. But the results are the other way. In fact, drinking whole milk or skimmed milk are equal as far as weight control is concerned. As per the reports, undiluted milk contains 20 percent fat while 100 milliliters whole milk has 4 percent fat content in it. So it is always better to take whole milk in place of skimmed milk as the chances of accumulating fat are same for the both. Skimmed milk does not have vitamins such as A, D, K AND E, which help in dissolving fat. So prefer whole milk which can induce metabolism and help in reducing the fat.

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Raw vegetables:

We have heard that cooking of vegetables leads to the loss of vitamins and minerals present in them. But the fact is that excluding vitamin C all the vitamins and minerals present in vegetables stay intact. More importantly by cooking we are allowing the vegetables to release antioxidants needed to fight diseases and toxins. Mushrooms, carrots, and cabbage are more helpful to lose weight and keep up health when they are cooked and consumed. So the next time when you feel like eating them raw, don’t ignore this vital fact. Not cooking of the above three vegetables will make them incapable of releasing antioxidants.

Breakfast cereals:

These days the market is flooded with many kinds of cereals. No one denies the fact that they assist in keeping the weight in control. But not all the cereals found in the market are capable of this mighty function. Some are filled with fats and sugar, so prefer those types that are less in fat and sugar and high in fiber. Stay away from sugar coated, flavored and chocolate flavored cereals.

Low-fat salad dressing:

Salads are healthy, but low-fat dressing of them gives no use to us, as all the essential nutrients are lost from salads.


We are under the impression that honey is healthier than sugar. Yes. It is but as far as weight control is concerned it is one of the weight gain foods. Honey and sugar have equal amounts of glucose, so by eating honey or sugar you are getting the equal amounts of calories. Either of them have the same effect as far as weight is concerned.

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