Yoga apps: The easy and techie way to go healthy

Yoga since ages has been a way to get fit and healthy body along with peaceful mind. But doing yoga needs correct methods and it becomes fruitful when you have a trainer to assist you. All these need much time and money. But here is an easy way to do yoga correctly without the need of a trainer; all you need to do is to install yoga apps in your smartphones. Here are few yoga apps that can be of use to you in case you wish to practice yoga.

Pocket yoga:

This app can be downloaded in iOS, blackberry, windows and android phones. It can be downloaded by paying $ 3 approximately. The yoga seasons are categorized into three sessions based on different types of poses and difficulty. The poses are based on the concepts of ocean, desert and mountain.  The sessions spread for 30 to 60 minutes. There are three categories based on expertise of the practitioner as beginner, intermediate and expert. One can as well view the yoga sessions on Apple TV or airplay receiver.

Kids Yogaverse: I AM SUN, I AM MOON:

This is a yoga app for iOS devices alone. This yoga app has been specifically designed keeping in view the kids aged between 4 to 8 years. The app has illustrated yoga poses that are hand painted; this makes the yoga practice easy for children. It clearly hints the children on how to do and also how to respire during the sessions. This app is available in two versions: I AM LOVE and I AM SUN and I AM MOON. I AM Love is priced at $ 3.947 approximately while I AM LOVE and I AM SUN apps are priced at $ 4.99. I AM SUN and I AM MOON have 19 yoga postures which enhance the physical and mental conditions of children and I AM LOVE has 13 yoga poses which help the children to begin the day actively.

5 minute yoga:

This app for yoga at present is available only for iOS devices and costs something around less than one dollar. This app has more than 350 sessions. You need not worry on less duration as one can achieve benefits of yoga in 5 minutes also. This app is best suited for people who have just begun yoga. The app hints on each and every pose thereby enabling users to do yoga perfectly. There is a special session that runs for 28 days which helps a person to lower stress and depression.

Yoga studio:

This is also available only for iOS as of now and is priced nearly at $ 3.95. This app has 65 types of yoga and meditation methods which are depicted in videos.  The videos run for 10 to 1 hour based on the time required to do them. Once you download the videos you need not need internet connection to run them.

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