Wrap the body and reap the beauty benefits

Body wraps are becoming important part in beauty regime. They are gaining popularity day by day due to their effectiveness, easiness, less time consumption and also economy. To put in simple terms body wrap consists of applying different cleansing agents on the body and then wrapping the body in hot bandages to get a body that is breathtakingly awesome and fresh. Here we shall see such body wraps that glorify you in no time. Here we go with different body wraps and their benefits.

Algae wrap:

In this kind of wrap, lukewarm algae paste is used to the body. Using algae on the body will remove the impurities from the body and nourish the body simultaneously. It gives extraordinary toning effect to the body in lesser time. It is also highly effective in lessening the body as it has high amounts of iodine in it. Iodine will increase the metabolism rate and reduce the fat effectively in lesser time.

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Mud wrap:

In this kind of body wraps either clay or therapeutic mud is used to wrap the body. These are useful in increasing the blood flow and tightening the skin. They detoxify the body by secreting wastes from the body and tone the body. Mud wraps can also lessen chronic pains. When the body is applied with mud it absorbs the essential things from it.

Chocolate wrap:

Chocolate wrap though a bit costly it is more effective. It gives soft and supple skin. The hydrating effect of it gives the skin shine and dampness. It makes the skin glow with radiance. It reduces cellulite and wrinkles in a single sitting. The fragrance present in cocoa will release endorphin, a hormone responsible for happiness. So this means wrapping the body also gives you emotional benefit apart from physical benefits.

Paraffin wrap:

This wrap not only pacifies and relaxes the body parts but will also make the skin supple and soft. The wax applied on the skin gets penetrated deep into the skin and so the results are effective. This is in fact the best to fight joint and muscles. It will even lower the weight and stress.

Herbal or essential oils wrap:

These kinds of wraps best suit if you have dull and dry skin. Most of these wraps use aromatherapy oils that hydrate the skin and also keep the skin moist. Along with these, herbs such as lemon grass, lavender, chamomile and rosemary are used. These ingredients detoxify the body and also clean the blood. This is the best detox body wraps. Metabolism and blood flow are enhanced along with removal of dead skin cells from the body.

Parafango wrap:

Count this in the kind of wraps that lessen the weight. It is just highly effective in treating obesity. Therapeutic mineral mud (fango) and paraffin wax are combined in this wrap. It reduces cellulite and moistens the body. It is also highly effective in removing the wastes from the body. It is best to see the results in lesser time.

Hope now you are aware of benefits of body wraps  and different types of them. They are also not as harmful as they are mostly done using natural things. Give a try.

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