Wish for healthy and beautiful hairs – choose right hair brush for your hair!

You can use one of the most expensive or best brandsof hair brushes but is it the right hair brush for your hair? Do you know we have about 100,000 hairs on our heads? And there are 3 layers in every hair shaft, outside layer, or the cuticle, protecting the two inner layers. Every one of us has individual hair type and this happens genetically but during the lifetime the conditions of our hair changes at different stages of our life according to our age, health, the environment around us, the temperature, the physiological state of our minds, and chemicals treatment of hair. Different type of hair needs different types of hair brushes.

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If you are using the same hair brush for ages and you do not give much thought about choosing the perfect brush for your hair, you are probably not doing any good to your hair.Though your hair is not as unique as you fingerprints but as it changes with your age; that clearly means that one brush is definitely not fit at all.To keep your hairs healthyand beautiful, it is important to use the right comb or brush for your hair.Here we tell about the few very good brushes correct for your hair.

Synthetic Bristle Brush

These brushes are usually made of nylon. The synthetic bristles used in these brushes are ideal for super thick hair types. The stiffer bristles in synthetic brushes make detangling easier and do not create much static like natural versions.They are a good start and easy for styling. Finished cushion brush with Gel Handles costs about $6.89.

Natural Bristle Brush                                                         

Natural Bristles Brushes are super soft. These brushes made of boar bristles. They are a perfect choice; it helps in distributing the hair’s natural oils to the tips of your hair and gives you shiny strands.You can find these brushes at about $120. Though the 100% boar bristle hair brushes are pretty pricey, but the beautiful and healthy hairs you get make them a saving for you. Natural Bristle Brush are perfect for anyone and any hair type, it doesn’t matter you have fine or straight hairs, you will fall in love with it, it is gentle and easy on delicate strands.

Mixed Bristle Brush

It is a perfect combo of a synthetic’s detangling powers plusboar bristle’s shiny hair benefits. Mixed Bristle Brushes are very popular, as they are best for everyone’s hair and perfect for hair stylists.

Paddle Brush

These are the basic brush type for everyday brushing. It makes for a stunning blow out.

Vented Brush

Vented brushes are perfect for drying your hairs, they help the heat from your blow dryer to reach your strands from all the angles and protect your hair from damage by decrease the contact time of your hairs with the heat.

Round Brush

Round brush are ideal for blowout with a little bit of curl. Different type of Round Brush gives different look – the smaller the brush, the lighter the curl.

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