Windows 10: Easier and smarter way of working

Every one of us waits for the products of Microsoft. The craze, functionality and efficacy of their products is such, same is the case with Windows 10. However as per reports, we have to wait till this year end to avail it as per reports. But still there is nothing to worry. In case you are anxious and can’t wait till then you can upgrade freely to Windows 10 if you are using Windows 7 or 8. Here are the features, you will find in the free version of it.


It allows running another Windows set with the help of multi-desktop feature. This is identical Apple’s Spaces feature. The user can manage both apps and Windows at a single time. Instead of opening multiple windows on the top, you can set them in virtual desktop. Microsoft has also updated span view multitasking feature to this OS.

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Start menu:

When you click the start button on the screen bottom, two panels will get opened side by side. The right side panel will have recently used and often used apps and you can reorganize resize the features in this panel. You will have a power button on the top. The left one will have nothing.

Action center:

Windows 10 will provide the user to see all the notifications at one place itself. It lets the users respond to notifications based on the apps and also allows expansion of notifications to view more actions; all these can be done on the panel itself. Apart from this you can change connectivity options, contrast and brightness settings all by new means.

Unified settings:

You need not search for different menu to manage your device. You can manage the device from a single place. So this avoids confusion as you can set everything in a single place.

Universal apps:

Microsoft is introducing a new software known as ‘’Universal Apps.’’ It will have everything such as photos, OS, videos, music, maps, people and messaging and mail and calendar. Content can be stored and synchronized in Microsoft cloud service, OneCloud. So this enables you to open content even on another device.

Xbox app:

You can as well play Xbox one game using your PC or tablet. This OS has Xbox app, which lets you play the game as it supports Xbox streaming. The speed, graphics, and performance will be exclusively high. You can as well store and record your scores.

So seems this yet to be released OS has many things for you under its belt.

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