Will 2105 foster new ways of communications…..

The technology field is all set to make new trends and bring changes that will foster new modes of communication in 2015. We are not saying this; the tech analysts around the globe are saying so. They expect that the technology is going to sink the world more together and break up the barriers of boundaries. Let us see some of those things in technology field that are expected to be a revolution.

1) Mobile applications:

The social media has taken new routes as far as the communication and spreading of ideas are concerned during the past years. The same trend is also expected to be continued in this year as more and more mobile applications that are pro-social media are expected to find their place in the market. The world will transform into a small global village due to the availability of enhanced mobile applications. The process of sharing data and voice is expected to reach new heights in this year.

2) OTT(over-the-top content) players:

The usage of smartphones, extensive availability of 3G services and also the increasing pace of 4G services is all paving ways to increase with higher pace in this year according to many technology analysts. This situation will make the users to look more towards third party applications such as Skype and WhatsApp. The third party web content and social networking companies such as YouTube and Facebook are all set to exchange money with fixed and mobile broadband network operators for controlling high level data traffic.

3) Smart devices:

The presence and usage of smart devices will even grow in leaps and bounds this year. The world is expected to see new growths in the field of technology as remote monitoring devices and technology will grow more by using wireless based mobile communication system.

4) Increased net presence:

Every device and object that is present in this world will be interconnected in no time. This will ease the things in knowing all the information that one needs be it a person, a thing or a place. As per ABI research three thousand crores of devices will be connected wirelessly by 2020.

5) Smart solutions:

The corporate companies these days are increasingly encouraging the employees to use own devices to get into touch with them. This allows both the employers and employees to stay connected without concerns about place or time. Due to this the market for mobile data service market is expected increase in this year and also many new cloud based services are expected to be released this year.

6) Smart cities:

The globe will go digital as more and more smart cities will find their place in no time.  Enhanced internet usage will be the hallmark of smart cities.

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