Why your car needs a dash cam

If your car does not have dash cam then you are losing many things right from car security to insurance claims. Having dash cam is the easiest way to protect your car and also keep it safe. Dash cam is also known by various names such as car camera, accident recorder and also car DVR. It is called dash cam as the cameras are fitted to the dashboard. But before buying dash cam you should have an idea of how to buy it. Here are few safety measures and also tips to buy dash cam. Along with these, you can as well know the features and advantages of having dash cam.

Here are the features of dash cam you should check for….

Video resolution:

Before buying dash cam, the first thing you should check for is the video resolution and video quality. Lower end cameras will have VGA resolution (640*480), which is the lowest variant and so the quality of the pictures will be very low. You should at least have a camera that has 720p resolution. If you wish more quality you can prefer 1080p resolution camera, also known as full HD camera. The camera should also have good night quality capturing facility. Many of the cameras though take high-quality daytime pictures they will not be able to do so at night times. To avoid this trouble prefer infrared light featured camera.

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Parking mode:

Your dash cam should have this facility so that you can trace damages that occur when the car is parked and when you are away from the car. Just switch parking mode and the dash cam will be your car’s security officer.

Loop recording:

You should have enough storage facility to store the recorded videos. Some type of cameras will not work when the storage is full and this is where you need loop recording facility. Loop recording is nothing but the facility to overwrite the old files and create new space for new ones automatically.

Set date and time:

This is very important thing. You should set correct date and time before installing dash cam. This will enable you to use the video footage as evidence for any claims and legal issues.

Dual multi-channel:

Regular dash cams can only record videos on the front side. This is the backdrop for them, so it is better you prefer dual channel camera dash cams. So that you can record both, front and back.


Though this is an optional thing it is very useful. It lets you track many things such as your location, speed and other things along with date and time.

Uses of dash cams:

1) It acts as evidence for accidents and other legal matters that involves you and your car.

2) It lets you know the driver’s capability.

3) It records the route and speed.

4) It provides full security for the car when you are away.

5) It has a power cigarette lighter.

6) It automatically records the conversations in the car.

So doesn’t it look like dash cams are an important part of your car accessories

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