Why you need to use banana peel widely….

We all know the uses of banana, it gives instant energy, it helps in digestion, it gives calcium for the body and so on…..but do you know the uses of banana peel? Might be you do not know. Here are the uses of banana peel. Have a look at the benefits of banana peel……

A good medicine:

It is highly effective in curing skin rashes and itches. It is also useful in treating injuries…all you need to do to treat is, massage the injury using a banana peel. If the injury is too serious just place the banana peel on the injury and tie it with the help of cloth. Leave it for overnight. Repeat the process till you see the injury go away.

A natural fertilizer:

The uses for banana peel in the garden are many and one use it it is the nature’s best fertilizer. Placing banana peels in soil will work as compost fertilizer. Using this for the plants in the garden will act as natural soil enhancer and plant booster as the vital nutrients present in it get transmitted to the soil and from there to the plants.

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A bio pesticide:

It is not only a fertilizer but can also act as good pesticide, all you need to use this banana peel as pesticide is to soak 4 to 5 banana peels for overnight in a big beaker. The next day, add water 5 times equal to the beaker size and spray it on the plants.

Good nutritious food:

Many of the people have the habit of eating banana along with the peel. In fact, it is a good habit as the banana peel nutrition is nothing less to nutrition present in banana. In case you don’t like to eat it that way. Boil the banana peel for 10 minutes and make juice by mixing both the banana and the peel and consume. As per many researches, the peel, and the pulp have equal amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so the next time, when you wish to throw away the peel, think twice.

Works on skin problems:

As said above it has many medicinal proprieties and the uses of banana peel for skin care goes a long way. Are you having warts and wish to remove them in a natural way? Apply banana peel on warts. Doing so will naturally ward off them. It even acts on many kinds of skin problems.

It gives shine:

It can be used to give shine for many materials such as leather items and other silverwares. Brush the leather items using a banana peel to get extra shine and wash the vessels using it along with water.

Natural fly repellent:

Don’t spend huge amounts on buying artificial repellants, all you need to exit the flies and other kinds of house insects is to soak the peels and spray it in home and other places where these flies stay mostly.

Gives sparkling teeth:

Are your teeth yellow then the simple way to make them dazzlingly white is to rub the peel every day on teeth. Rub the peel for nearly a minute for a week and your teeth will go white. The benefit of banana peel for teeth whitening is it is all natural way to get shiny white teeth naturally.

Going by these entire do you still feel banana peel should be thrown away?

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