Why you need to reduce stress…

The present days are fast track days and need much vigor and energy to cope with demanding situations and work. And as such people are being under extreme stress day and night, this ultimately leads to many physical and mental problems, which can take toll if left unattended.

Little bit of stress actually does good but the problem arises when stress becomes uncontrollable. So you need to beat stress either by hook or crook to have perfect health and peaceful life. The following article will take you through the problems that arise due to stress and also tip you on how to beat stress in easy way. Here are the facts about stress.

The researchers have been warning since the past that increased level of stress is the primus operandi for many of the health problems and a recently conducted research has also found that increased mental stress and depression can lead to mental problems such as schizophrenia, which effects the immunity functions of the body that finally end up in bringing many changes in the human mind. The studies have also confirmed that people suffering from longstanding mental stress are more prone to fall prey to schizophrenia than the people who have stress for lower period of time.

The research studies conducted in U.S.A in 1950 have also said that children born out of mothers suffering from influenza during their pregnancy time are 7 times more at risk to get affected with schizophrenia. So it is better to take care of health during pregnancy to ward off this condition.

So the one way to stay off from many physical and mental hazards is to keep the stress at bay. Here are few simple ways to beat stress…

  1. The one best way to beat out stress is to eat nutritional food and keep away the bad eating habits. This gives the body enough energy levels to beat stress.
  2. The body needs good central nervous system to beat stress and this is achieved only when you have good Vitamin B in the body, eat more of vitamin B foods to keep the nervous system in track, you can also take vitamin B supplements to cope the deficiency if you have.
  3. The body also needs proper amounts of Vitamin C and zinc to beat stress and also to protect the body from infections. So take foods high in zinc and Vitamin C content.
  4. Keeping the body fit and fatigue less is important to fight stress and the one way to keep the body fit is to eat less in more times.
  5. Restrict coffee and teas to minimum.
  6. Practice yoga and meditation regularly.

Having said all now it is your turn to reduce stress and keep away from stress related problems.

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