Why is mustard oil an answer to our woes?

Ever wondered what used to keep our old folks so healthy and fit. Yes, a more natural diet without the addition of junk foods and a lot of physical exercises was one of the reasons. But that is not all. It was also the usage of few things that brought about a more immune-strong body. Mustard oil is one such thing.

Our body needs a good amount of natural ingredients to be able to sustain good health and good quality of life. And while a lot of emphasis has been laid on consuming fruits and vegetables, oils and fats have been brushed aside. It is a complete misconception that fats are totally unhealthy for us. It is true that consuming a lot of good fats in smaller quantities is needed to run the human body. They act as lubricants.

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Moreover, we have been made to believe that refined oils and fats are better and unrefined ones are monsters. But that is not true. Mustard oil, for example, has been found to have more health benefits for us than harmful effects. For long it has been used in traditional Indian cuisine and households for a variety of reasons. Derived from mustard seeds it goes through a process of distillation to remove any kind of impurities. What come out are a strong smelling and sharp flavored oil.  It contains a compound known as Ally Isothiocyanate, which gives it the properties. Some of the benefits are:

Benefits for the heart:

Mustard oil contains Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA). Both of them have been found to be healthy for human heart specially its arteries. They reduce cholesterol and have been found to help lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Helps bones and skin:

Mustard oil has been used for massaging kids and adults alike. It protects from harmful rays of the sun and also helps in circulation of blood. Bones of infants and children are strengthened if they are massaged regularly with mustard oil. Moreover, it acts as a great pain reliever especially in case of arthritis.

Boosts digestion

When used in cooking food, mustard oil has been found to have qualities that helps in increasing appetite and also improve digestion. It has been found that mustard oil greatly increases the peristaltic movement of food. Researchers have also shown that it reduces the risk of gastrointestinal and rectal cancers.

Acts as antibiotic, antifungal:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be greatly relieved with the help of mustard oil, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Besides it also acts as antibiotic and antifungal when used in judicious amounts.

Cold and cough bye-bye

Anti-inflammatory properties and its strong aroma are quite helpful during common cold. Mustard oil also reduces phlegm and can be quite helpful during cough and congestion.

Benefits for hair and skin:   

The presence of Vitamin E helps the mustard oil to have vitalization effect on skin and hair. Working as sun shield helps it be quite beneficial for the skin.

All in all, it is better if we switch back to using mustard oil rather than depending on refined oils.

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