Why good sleeping is vital for children

Sleep is not only essential for adults it is even more essential for kids as the benefits of sleep for kids are enormous. Lack of proper sleep for your child can land your dear ones in health problems. This fact has even been confirmed by the research reports of Buxton, Associate Professor at Pennsylvania University. Let us see, what all are the important facts the study has said about the relation between sleep and children.

The study has focused mainly on how the latest lifestyle patterns and modern trends have affected the sleep patterns in children. As per Buxton, proper sleeping patterns inculcate a healthy lifestyle in children.

He even expressed that the penetration of latest technology and media in the lives of children has led the children away from healthy sleep. 90 percent of the total parents who have participated in the study have recognized the importance of sleep and its health benefits to children. But the thing of worry is that the same percent of the parents have expressed grief that their children are not having correct amount of sleep required per day.

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The study has also found that children who had access to latest modern day gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, internet connection and TV spent more of the night time with these. All in all, the study has found out that the number of children who are gong lack of sleep is increasing day by day.

As per the studies having required amount of sound sleep makes the child excel in studies and also gives them proper health. The study has also confirmed that the children who followed a strict schedule of sleeping had good health while the children who lack proper sleeping patterns had health issues. The other typical concern found was that the children who had TV in their bedrooms had lesser sleep than the ones who had no TV. The lack of sleep has also led to behavioral changes in children.

The study has also found that lack of proper sleep in children has lead to lessened performance of children in studies, games and also in daily chores. Children were found with mental disorders such as lack of interest in anything, staying dull and fatigued all day. Children who had lesser sleep were also found to have higher emotions and obesity. Well, this should now be a more deadly reveal then many things stated above.

Lack of sleep is one major problem for not only kids, but even for teenagers alike according to study. The study stated that teenagers had the urge to commit suicide due to lack of sleep. The study has also noticed that children who used iPods in place of books before sleep had increased levels of sleep problems.

The researchers have recommended 9 hours of sleep for children aged between 6 to 11 and 8 hours of sleep for children between 12 to 17 years.

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