Why do these popular allergies affect us quite often

Allergies have become common these days due to various factors and they represent in different forms such as skin allergies, respiratory allergies, digestion allergies and so on. Each type of allergy is the result of different kinds of allergens and the response the body makes to such allergens is known as allergic reaction.

Here let us see few of the common types of allergies in human and the causes.

Respiratory allergy:

Some kinds of fragrances, dust and pollution are the main causes of respiratory allergy. The most common sign of respiratory allergy is abnormal and heavy sneezes. The rest of the phase is seen with running nose, redness of the nose, redness of eyes. This phase is called as allergic rhinitis. When this phase is neglected the other symptoms such as lack of proper breath, blockage of the nose, frequent mucus and sputum, pain in the face and also headache can be seen. These are the allergic symptoms of next phase called as allergic sinusitis. These symptoms will gradually spread to the liver and respiratory tracts when situation is not kept under control. When this happens dry cough and cough associated with sputum can be seen. This phase is called as allergic bronchitis. Along with this, if you experience asthma and sounds during respiration then it is called as allergic asthma.

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Skin allergy:

This type of allergy is the allergy associated with the skin as the name suggests. It takes place when the skin is exposed or contacted with allergens that are sensitive to skin. Normally the allergens differ from person to person. Generally some kinds of medicines, infections and a certain type of foods are the causes of skin allergies. The common skin allergy symptoms include rashes, irritation and redness of the skin. These symptoms may stay on for few hours or few days based on the severity.

Food allergy:

This kind of allergy is the cause of some food sensitivity. When people are sensitive to some sort of foods then the digestive system becomes sensitive. The symptoms of food allergy include vomiting, constipation, stomach pain, motions, and fatigue.

Diagnosing allergies:

In case you are constantly suffering from allergies, it is always better to get diagnosed under an able expert. Based on the advice of the doctor the following tests are conducted.

•    Blood test (CBP, EGI Antibodies, AEC)

•    Patch test

•    Skin prick test

•    X-ray PNS

•    PFT

•    CT scan-PNS

Based on these tests different types of allergies are traced.

Treatment for allergies:

As the causes change for different kinds of allergies so also the treatment options change. The treatment options range from normal to severe based on the severity. However, the word of the doctor is final in the treatment process.

The list of allergies is very vast but in general the above three are rampant.

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