Why body loses vitamin D

A good and healthy skeletal system is the result of only the healthy presence of calcium and vitamin D in the body. Lack of these two is the sign of unhealthy living and unhealthy eating. For many reasons, People suffering from vitamin D are increasing day by day. One of the main reasons for this unwanted outcome is the lack of exposure of the body to the sun. This eventually leads to lack of vitamin D in the blood.

Here we shall get an idea of what are the causes of vitamin D deficiency in people.

•    The color of the skin plays an important role for the presence of this vital vitamin in any person. The people who have black skin color have less vitamin D as the sunrays don’t enter the skin due to the blackness of the skin.

•    As people grow in age, the body’s capability of producing vitamin D gets weaker and this is the reason why aged people have weaker bones. As per studies, the body when it reaches the age of 70 and above can only produce 1/3 part of vitamin D of what it could produce at the age of 20.

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All this, is the effect of the changes in the human body, more importantly in the nature of the skin.

•    The ultraviolet rays are stronger and healthy between 10 am in the morning and 3 pm in the afternoon. So it is better to expose the skin to them during this time with proper precautions to get D vitamin. Post 3 pm no matter how much time you expose the skin to sun’s rays it is of no use.

•    Irrespective of age, some people lack vitamin D deficiency for many of the reasons.

•   One of the reasons for vitamin D deficiency is too much usage of sunscreen lotions can also be the reason for vitamin D deficit. The SPF will obstruct the rays and as a result you are not getting enough vitamin D. The other embarrassing factor according to few studies is the application of sunscreen lotion. Sunscreen lotion will reduce the production of vitamin D by 99 percent.

•    The other reason is covering the body totally with clothes.

•    Obesity is also the reason for vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D has the tendency of getting slipped into the fats in the body, as a result, the metabolism of vitamin D gets sluggish.

•    Glass filters too can obstruct the sun rays to fall on the skin and this is the most common cause for many to lack vitamin D deficiency.

•    People who always stay indoors can easily have a lesser amount of this vitamin.

•    Some kinds of medicines such as cardio steroids, anti-convulsant and HIV drugs can cause D vitamin deficiency.

•    Sometimes hereditary reasons may too lead to the lack of this vitamin.

Having now known the reasons check for yourself if you are doing one of the above blunders and rectify it.

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