Why Ayurveda is best bet to treat Spondylitis

Inflammation or pain in the joints of the backbone is called as Spondylitis. There might be many causes of this, such as long journeys, too much of sitting or sometimes even injuries can lead to Spondylitis. Though there are many ways to cure it, it is better to prefer Ayurveda. Here are the reasons to prefer it. Before setting into positive effects of Ayurveda in treating Spondylitis, let us see Spondylitis in full detail.

What is Spondylitis?

The inflammation of the backbone and spinal joints is called as Spondylitis and this is rampant in people aged between 20 and 40. Generally Spondylitis is of two types: cervical Spondylosis and lumbar Spondylitis. Inflammation near the neck region is called as cervical Spondylitis and the inflammation near the waist region is known as lumbar Spondylitis.

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Causes of Spondylitis:

•    Sudden lifting of heavy weights.

•    Injuries caused to backbone.

•    Increased pressure on spinal cord.

•    Lack of proper body postures, especially with sitting postures.

•    Autoimmune diseases.

•    Lack of mobility.

•    Tuberculosis.

•    Smoking

•    Disc problems

Signs and symptoms of lumbar Spondylitis:

•    Pain and stiffness

•    Leg pain

•    Waist pain

•    Pain that spreads from waist to toes

•    Numbness near thighs

•    Pain the buttock region

•    Pain in the sciatic nerve and sometimes due to this walking becomes difficult.

Signs and symptoms of cervical Spondylosis:

•    Pain near the neck region

•    Pain in the chest area

•    Shoulder pain

•    Pain in the back part of the neck. This can be seen when one tries to rotate the head

•    Lack of coordination and difficulty walking

•    Muscle spasms

•    Abnormal reflexes

Diagnosis for Spondylitis:

•    Spinal X-Ray

•    MRI tests of spine

•    ESR

•    HcB-27

Ayurvedic treatment options for Spondylitis:

Using this treatment process, the symptoms such as pain, inflammation and tingling can be treated. The disease can be cured completely to the root by knowing the causes and symptoms present in each individual.

Precautions to take with Spondylitis:

The one precaution to take is to maintain body weight; the more you put on weight the more you suffer from Spondylitis as the spine is under pressure due to increased weight. Follow good lifestyle. Exercising regularly for 30 minutes each day is very important. But before carrying on exercise seek the advice of a physiotherapist, doing any kind of wrong exercise can be fatal to you.

Don’t walk or sit for long hours. Eat proper food. Prefer foods that will help in easing the pains naturally and also those kinds of foods that enhance muscle mass and density. When you have strong spinal muscles the chances of falling prey to spinal pain come down.

Follow these and you will see the signs of lessening symptoms of Spondylitis.

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