Which skirt type suits your body

Women dressing trends always change. The reason is simple. They are more conscious about dressing and looking beautiful. Whatever the changes in dressing and style of women are there will always be certain dress types that will always remain evergreen. One such dressing style is ‘’SKIRT.’’

These are easy to wear, stylish in looks and are also very trendy and sexy. These things have made them a hit amongst feminine dressing. Here let us see different types of skirts and which type suits whom.

Maxi skirt:

This is lengthier in length. These generally cover right from hip to toes. They are a perfect do for women of more height. There is also another model in this type of skirt and it is called as the high-waist maxi skirt and it best suits women who are not of much height. Wearing these types of skirts will give your legs a longer looks than actually what they are. These types of skirts are very stylish and also very comfortable to wear and walk about.

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Pencil skirts:

The best way to give sexy looks and showcase your toned and shaped body (in case you have!) is to sport pencil skirts. They begin at the waist and end at knees and are also tight by nature. They stick well to your body and so highlight your hips and the shaped area near the waist. They are good dressings both as casual and formal wears. One disadvantage is they don’t suit women who have belly fat.

Mini skirt:

These kinds of skirts are the extremely mini in size. They start at the waist and end before 4 inches to the knee. If you have sexy looking legs and amazingly shaped legs then they are really good for you. Your legs should not be either too lean or too fat. They don’t go well if you have fat accumulated near hips and thighs.

A-Line skirts:

These are tight near the waist and buttocks and as they go down they become broader. This is good for women with less butt size. It easily covers this defect and gives a bigger look for the back. In this skirt, women with pear shape look lean and lean shaped women will look pear shaped.

Bubble skirt:

It is also called as balloon skirt. This is best for apple shaped women. In case you have too big butts it is better to avoid as they give more size to the butts.

Sheer skirt:

This type of skirt is transparent and moves like tides with the breeze. Women who have broader waistline can prefer this. When you wear it just above the waistline then it will give an elegant look. You should see to that you are wearing same color inner inside to avoid odd and embarrassing looks.

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