WhatsApp messenger-the latest way to get connected!

With technology advancing every day, people have become more tech savvy and love to use the latest outcomes in order to improve communication system and social interactions. WhatsApp, is surely one such way-out that lets you remain in touch with friends and family through messages and chats. Here are few benefits of using the app.

It runs free on all platforms

It doesn’t matter whether you use an Android phone or a Windows Phone, WhatsApp is compatible with all. You may also use it with Symbian or Blackberry OS and even in your iPhone. Interestingly the messenger is free of cost and has no hidden charges that might bother you. As a naïve user, you simply need to download the app, feed your mobile number into the database and get connected to all your dears and nears who are using the app.

Supports multimedia messages

You can send messages at ease to your friends and also receive them. Messages range from texts to funny videos, heartfelt audio messages to stunning pictures. All you need to ensure is that your friend has also installed the app so that you can find him or her in the contact list to share your views with.

Create you personalized profile

WhatsApp messenger allows you to create your own profile picture to be displayed on the icon and you can also write anything on the status bar in order to stand out in the crowd. You may also create several groups with your friends or family members and with a single push you can send a common message to each one of them. Group chatting, with an invitation to the friends in WhatsApp is as easy as anything.

All you need is a simple internet connection

Don’t worry if you are still using the 2G connection as WhatsApp works in all versions including 3G and 4G as well. You need no international roaming charges to contact a friend who stays miles away from you. Even if you are not connected to internet, you can read the offline messages and as soon as you connect the stored messages pop up into your device within seconds.

Chats are always archived

You can save your chat transcripts with friends automatically in the huge database of the app and no need to worry if you want to read them on and off. However, if too much of it is killing your phones space, you may also delete it as per your wish. However, you don’t need any special software for backing up data and can also choose how long you can keep it.

WhatsApp calling is now in

You can now call any of your friends using the app then and there while you are chatting with a single push of an icon, a newly introduced feature. This new feature is appreciated highly by regular chat addicted youth who also would like to listen to the voice of their beloved while the conversation is on.

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