WhatsApp features which you should use

Many of us use smartphones just to make use of WhatsApp. The craze and simplicity of this app are such. It makes sharing of files easy and quick, be it videos or music or for that matter anything. You can not only use this app for these two alone there are many other things which you can do using this wonderful user-friendly app. But you should know how to use WhatsApp these features. Here are some other features which you don’t know and which you can use to make WhatsApp more effective.


In case you are using 1GB data plan then every MB counts. So needed precautions should be taken while sending picture messages. Go to settings and click on chat settings and select auto download option and adjust the settings. You should set manual download so that the pictures don’t get downloaded automatically. This will not run your data soon.

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Conversation shortcuts:

If you have the habit of chatting with your friends regularly then you should be aware of some short cut features present in it. You can make appear these shortcuts appear on home screen directly. When you do this you need not open and close WhatsApp every time. If you wish to create a shortcut, tap on group list or individual chat and hold it. When you hold another window will popup. You will find ‘’add conversation shortcut’’ option, just click on it and you will get chat question and that’s it your shortcut is created. But this is available only for android users.

Find out the location:

You can as well know the location of your friends who are sending you messages. But tracing out the location is only possible if the location is GPS based.

Mute the group chats:

All of us will definitely be in two or three groups at a single time. In general, WhatsApp will allow 50 participants for a group conversation. When you have 50 members then getting messages in leaps and bounds is common. As a result, the number of unread messages will keep on increasing. To stop this hassle you can keep the offending group chat in mute. Now which group to keep in mute is your wish. You can keep the group in mute for 8 months, a week or one month or for that matter a year and un-mute it when you wish to.

Aren’t they useful features, try using WhatsApp on phone and it will be more fun.

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