What’s the correct way to exfoliate skin?

Exfoliation is the most important regime for any type of skin. The only answer for a soft, tight and glowing skin on any day lies in exfoliation. When it is done in a correct procedure it can clean the pores, eliminate dead cells from the skin and also make the skin better and brighter. Despite all these facts making mistakes while exfoliating can lead to skin damage. So to save the skin from damage you should know the correct exfoliation methods and also avoid these common exfoliation mistakes……..

1) Too much exfoliation:

Anyone who is aware of the benefits of exfoliation will be tempted to do it heavily under the impression that “too much is too good’’, especially for some important occasions. But according to skin experts it can be fatal to skin, despite the nature of skin type. In an endeavor to overcompensate the skin, one can easily land up making the skin oilier and drier. In case you have the habit of excessive exfoliation just limit it to once or at the most twice in a week.

2) Not moisturizing after exfoliation:

There is no doubt that exfoliation removes the dead cells from skin and leaves behind fresh and flawless skin. But not moisturizing the skin after exfoliation will just ruin all the benefits that you have derived after exfoliation. Not moisturizing the skin will make it dry and pile up the dead skin cells. The skin after exfoliation is most vulnerable for skin problems and can lead to irritations if it is not moisturized.

3) Dry exfoliation:

It is also one best way to exfoliate skin. This is a process of exfoliating the skin by rubbing the skin gently using a dry brush to remove dead cells from the skin. Though this is also an effectual way to freshen the skin one needs to be very careful on the sensitive skin areas. Say for instance the skin on chest and face are very sensitive any dry brushing can damage the skins so wet the brush while rubbing on these areas.

4) Harsh scrubbing:

Remember one thing too much is too bad and it applies to exfoliation too, some people have the habit of scrubbing the skin too much only to see red skin post scrubbing. What all is needed is just a gentle scrub and ample time. Never be in a hurry let the ingredients do their share of good on the skin. Rub the exfoliating ingredient in circular way either by using a brush or fingers.

5) Not exfoliating other parts of the body:

Many of the people are under the impression that only the face needs exfoliation and that the rest of the body can be left as such. This is not the way it should be even the rest of the body parts too need scrubbing. More importantly the parts such as feet, chest, neck and elbows needed to be scrubbed regularly. The parts of the body have different skin types and so the scrub and tools you use on face should not be used on them and they need different products specifically designed for them.

Hope by now you have got all the ways and means on how to exfoliate skin naturally.

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