What’s better waxing or shaving?

Removing off unwanted hair is part of beauty regime. Plucking unwanted hair from eyebrows, underarms, and lip gives a woman enhanced looks. There are many products and treatments to pluck unwanted hair but amongst all waxing is best as it is more effective and also can be done by self. Let us see all the benefits from waxing and also why it safer to other means of removing unwanted hair. The article will also tip you on the best waxing tips and how to do waxing effectively…

Why waxing is more advantageous….

The first and foremost benefit of waxing is it is suitable for all the age groups. Unwanted hair can also be removed by shaving but there are two disadvantages with it:

  1. It is not effective in cutting the hair to the root.
  2. The re-growth of hair is soon and the growth can be seen within less than few hours.
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Waxing on the other hand will remove the hair from roots and so the growth of the hair is delayed. So prefer waxing instead of shaving if you wish to have the body hair free for more days. Waxing will lessen the process of hair growth for at least a month. One more advantage you reap by waxing regularly is you can stop hair growth permanently as the hair follicles get dead. Waxing will also give shine to the skin as the dead skin cells will be removed in the process of waxing.

What to do before waxing:

To get better results from waxing exfoliate the skin using exfoliating scrub before one day to waxing. This will ease the pain during waxing and also give best results.

What to do on the day of waxing:

Soon after waxing, the skin will be delicate and is prone to many infections and problems. The must and should thing to be done on the waxing day is not to apply any lotions or creams post waxing.

What to do after waxing:

Not only one should forego applying anything on the skin on the day of waxing but the same should be continued even on the following 3 or 4 days. Take every care not to expose the skin to sun for 24 hours post waxing. Never scrub or exfoliate the skin till it becomes normal. In case the skin goes red and bulgy use cortisone cream.

When to go for waxing:

The hair growth changes from person to person. In general it is best to go for waxing after a month. However if you still feel waxing is mandate for some forthcoming occasions, do it after 3 weeks of waxing.

How waxing is done?

There are two types of waxing methods. The first is called as soft wax which uses a paper or muslin strip and the second is hard wax done by using strip. It is mostly done in bikini area and underarms.

Exfoliate the skin under shower after one day of waxing to get best results.

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