What you see in Myanmar…


If you are planning a trip to Asia then you need to visit Myanmar erstwhile Burma in Southeast Asia. Your unawareness of the country should not deter you from going to this country a land of many tourist attractions that can easily blow your mind. Here we go with Myanmar tourist attractions…..

Amazing temples:

If at all you should make your trip complete you should not miss out on age-old temples and shrines that can easily rewind the days of those times with marvelous idols and beautiful crafting on walls. The beauty of temples in this ancient country is the remnants of ruining temples. The ruins of Bagan temple in central Myanmar and also Mrauk Au temple ruins are a treat to any tourist and are attractions. These are only two there are many such temple ruins which can easily make your day. Most of the temples are isolated and you will have only the local public so peace and freedom are guaranteed.

Photo Credit: www.traveldailynews.asia

Room for exploration:

If you like adventure tourism and exploring new places is on your card then this massive country offers you that. There are many hidden attractions here which you may not see and yes you can see with the help of locals, seek their help and explore what true Myanmar is. The caves, mountains and forests are all where you can try new things. Who knows while passing through you may find a Buddha statue unseen for years?

Incredible Hiking:  

Trekking in Myanmar is slowly heading high though it is a new thing to the country. But still no worries if you like trekking then you can opt to choose stilt villages around Inle Lake. The tourist agencies will arrange you the facilities for it. You can even opt deep parts of Shan highlands or head towards the south of Hp-Pan where you can met nature all alone. Meeting monks here and there will let you know what happiness is in reality. The mountains and fresh waters that you come across will leave you spellbound.

People are amazing:

You don’t need any of the above reasons to give a visit to Myanmar the people alone there are enough. You will feel the joy of true hospitality. They say amongst all Asians Myanmar people are the most kindly and friendly people and it is true in every sense. They may be a little bit hesitant at first but once they befriend you then their true hospitality comes out. It begins with a cup of tea and sharing of few English words but the true one to come is the joy we see in their faces helping tourists. Kids too are amazing and are ready to mingle with you. This is the country where culture is at its best and where new people are treated as gods.

Having said all you should now have no doubts to go to this beautiful heavenly country where you can still see the ancient lifestyle that is much more blissful than our modern lives and this is the specialty of Myanmar tourism.


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