What you need to be a ‘Court reporter’

Are you in search of a well paying and well respected career that is different to routine type of jobs which have same kind of work load round the clock? Then court reporter is an apt one for you. It is not only a profession that sounds respect but it also pays you lucratively.  As a court reporter you can easily make around somewhere between $60,000 to nearly $100,000 per year. Seems interesting…right?

Court reporter is also known as stenotype operator, law reporter or a shorthand reporter. The work includes transcribing recorded or spoken speech into written form by making use of shorthand, voice writing tool or machine shorthand equipment to make an official written record of the court hearings.

This job is dissimilar one to some of the mundane jobs and the job opportunities are not confined to judicial system alone. There are even plenty of doors open for one who is aspiring to be a court reporter starting from business transcription to closed captioning, and transcribing government procedures to real-time scenario reporting of events such as news and sports.

Few important facts regarding becoming a court reporter:

  • Reporting in courts is assumed to be the fastest growing profession in the coming 10 years, going by the predictions of job analysts. The growth is expected to be around 25% for the said period.
  • The increasing number of criminal and civil lawsuits in the recent past has created a high demand for the post of court reporters in the department of judiciary.
  • Even the passing of legislation which states that all TV programming should be closed-captioned for the ones who are dumb had further created increased demand for professionally trained transcriptionists.
  • The transcription machines which are used for court reporting are of two different kinds, while the first is a normal stenotype machine; the second is an audio transcription device which makes use of a mask to silent the transcriptionist’s voice.
  • Court reporting best suits freelancers as it has both full time working hours and also part time working schedules making it very convenient. A person wishing to freelance as a court reporter can prefer to work in evenings or weekends, or even choose to work from home on part time basis.
  • It is one profession which offers much flexibility as far as work environment is concerned. One can work from anywhere one wishes right from the courtroom to an attorney’s office and even corporate boardroom.
  • The work options include everything beginning from writing business meetings to helping people with hearing problems by making use of a technology known as Communication Access Real-Time Translation technology which lets people having hearing impairment to effectively communicate their everyday life chores with the aid of a qualified transcriber.

All the skills of becoming a court reporter are not more than six months of time and will to be.  Many of the training companies even provide financial aid along with job training.

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