What you eat will decide the intensity of pain

Few people constantly suffer from body pains and this is known as ‘general body inflammation.’ This makes them restless and life tougher. If you are also the one who is suffering from constant pain then here is the food list you should follow without fail to control body pains naturally.

•    As soon as you brush the first foods that should go into your body are 2 figs and 5 walnuts. Both of these foods work in combination and release chemicals that are useful in keeping the general body pains away.

•    Along with breakfast don’t forget to take oranges. In fact, any kind of citrus family fruit and vitamin C rich fruit is good to manage body pains. You can as well take juice of them in case you don’t like to take them in solid kind. Add a pinch of flax seeds powder to it and drink. Flax seeds have nutrients that are helpful in easing inflammation. Mixing this powder with orange juice and drinking is also useful to control diabetes.

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•    Use more of groundnut oil and olive oil to cook foods. These are the best to keep all kinds of pains at bay in comparison to other kinds of oil.

•    You can as well take mineral and multivitamin tablets to refill the lost amounts of minerals and vitamins in the body. Fish oil supplements too should be taken without fail. We need omega fatty acids for effective pain management.

•    Eating little rice with curry made of Black-eyed peas is also one diet tip for pains. Soon after eating rice with this curry, also eat rice with yogurt, mix a little amount of flax seeds powder and consume.

•    Eating ginger candy is the easiest and best food to fight inflammation. Ginger by nature is anti-inflammatory in character and so is good for pain.

•    Take five almonds and pineapple slices as evening snacks. This snack is good both for pains and also diabetes.

•    The supper is never complete without one kind of green leafy vegetable. If you wish overall good health and lesser body pains don’t forego one kind of green leafy vegetable. And also eat yogurt by adding flax seeds powder as you do for lunch.

Apart from eating the above menu to reduce body pains in general you should also implement all the techniques such as yoga and regular exercises to keep the body pains less and also save the body from stress as we know stress can augment body pains easily. Prefer lung affecting exercises and meditation. Take every care to keep the body away from those kinds of bacteria and viruses that cause pain.

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