What you eat matters a lot during exam preparation

To effectively face exams hard preparation alone is not enough. Along with proper preparation, you also need to follow a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits then alone you will keep your chances of winning the battle alive. Here are few tips on how to eat and what to eat before and on exam days. Follow this exam diet plan and you can beat the exam stress and exam too effectively.

1) Your exam diet tips are never complete without following complete diet. See to that your diet is complete with all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep you active.

2) As children, you have more love for ready made and junk foods, but it would be a safe bet to evade them at least till the time your exam schedule is complete. These foods can hamper your health at any time without notice and when you face this situation all your year’s work will go in ruin.

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3) The body needs complete food and the food is complete only when you fill your plates with fresh vegetables, fruits, carbohydrate foods, and milk. Make an effect to that direction.

4) Your morning and afternoon foods should definitely consist of carbohydrate foods and proteins. While the food you take at night can go with carbohydrates alone.

5) Eat an egg and drink milk in the evenings as part of your healthy eating during exams. These will keep you active and fit till you have your supper.

6) Keep eating peanuts and almonds in between, not only these two; any kinds of nuts will do well for you during exams.

7) We don’t say you not to take non-vegetarian foods but check your digestion levels and eat, as these foods need more time to get digested, prefer more of sea foods and also fish mainly amongst the non-veggies. Fish has omega fatty acids, which are highly essential to keep the nervous system active and up to date. Omega fatty acids also help the brain in grasping the read concepts.

8) Stay away from all the types of foods that can hamper your digestion. Everyone will have sensitivity to certain type of foods. So, it will be safer to know the food allergies and to stay away from them.

9) Stay away from foods rich in oil, spices and also sugar. These are not needed at all and during the exam days it is more important that you keep the body away from them.

10) It is better if you can stay away from caffeinated drinks. If your body feels that you can work only with them, prefer tea. Limit even this to three cups and that too it should be taken only in the day time.

11) Many have the habit of skipping food to save the time or just out of nervousness. This should be completely avoided. By skipping meals, you are actually doing no good for your health or exam. Skipping food will fatigue you and so the body becomes dull, which might make the situations worst for you in the exam hall.

Follow these exam preparation diets and write well your exams.

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