What to eat and how to eat if you are pregnant

What we eat is what we are. The healthier you eat the healthier you will grow. Food habits decide the health of a person and not all the foods are good for all. What is a good food for women cannot be the same for men. Foods we eat should differ and it is mandated to differ with each single person. So is the case with pregnant women. As a carrying woman, one needs to have a look at what’s getting into the stomach. What you eat not only defines your health in general but will also decide the health and growth of your baby. If you are a pregnant woman and don’t know what to eat then here is your pregnancy diet plan.

•    The better the food is in calories and proteins the best it is. As a pregnant woman, you share the food with your baby too. So keep this in mind and ask a dietician on how much to eat and what to eat each day based on the months of your baby.

•    To say bluntly the quantity of calories to take will depend on your BMI and also the amount of physical pressure you are giving to your body. Even the type of food that enters your mouth has a high hand in deciding the correct amount of food to eat so that you neither fall less of calories or more of calories. First know the amount of calories the food has and eat accordingly.

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•    All the pregnant women need more proteins. So eat more protein food. Protein has nitrogen and amino acids and these are needed for healthy growth of the embryo. Proteins are also needed for carrying women for proper growth of uterus and breast. They also help in tissue synthesis and increasing the blood volume in the body.

•    The amount of calcium intake should be increased as the mother needs more energy. So eat more of dairy products.

•    Iron rich food is what as an expectant mother you should not avoid. Iron plays a major role in providing oxygen to the embryo.

•    What about folic acid. Don’t you need it? You need them as good as the above ones both for the healthy development of the fetus and also to stop hair fall which generally increases during pregnancy.

•    Moring sickness is common and to fight this eat dry fruits.

•    Eat fiber rich biscuits as snacks. These are easily gettable from stores.

•    Stay away from oil food stuffs and also improperly boiled foods. As they take more time to get digested.

•    Take one glass of milk and one egg without fail daily.

•    Prefer vegetable soups.

•    As far as non-vegetarian food is concerned eat more of sea foods.

Follow these above good foods for pregnancy and you can easily be healthy and also deliver a healthy baby.

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