What to consider before joining startup companies

Not everyone is lucky enough to be placed in MNCs and this is where you need to make up your mind regarding joining small companies and startups. In fact as far as there is growth and you are paid well there is no wrong in joining small firms and startups. To be more precise if these companies have good track record you are on your way to making more progress than in any MNCs. But here are few things you need to know before opting for working for startup companies so that your career is not jeopardized.

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The following are the things to consider when joining a startup.

The Founders:

Now this comes in the first slot. How well and efficient are the founders. Are they good enough to give you break through? Are they efficient enough to guide you all the way? Dig deep into the qualities and professionalism of founders. No startup can see success and bestow success on you unless the founders have a vision and vigor to take the company to a certain place. Also, try to know your responsibilities in the organization. The more information you get the better you are placed.

The Team:

Knowing only the founders’ details and company overview is not sufficient. Suffix it with more details. For sure no startup company will try to waste their funds on a team that has no special skills. So, in this aspect you are at a better option. You will have a tougher team and highly skilled people as your co-workers (generally this is the case). But chances are that the team might as well be of low quality and this is where you have to scrutinize the team. Check for their online profiles and know for yourself if they are worth working or not. If possible strike a conversation with them and know and try to know what made them land up in the startup.

The Investors:      

The next big thing is money. What is the working capital? Who are the investors? Is the company fit enough to stand financial losses? Are they in a position to pay salaries on time? Does the investment board have any big names from the industry? Get answers for these vital questions and when you get more of positive nods for these then you can safely land in that company.

The Feedback:

Discuss with your college seniors, colleagues, industry insiders, friends, and tech heads etc and pool up the information before penning down the bond of joining. The better the feedback the better the company is and so you can join the company without any second thought.

Apart from all the above you should also know their core operations and the technology they are into. Apart from all, know if the firm has something under its belt for your growth.

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