What do women want in men

Understanding women is not every man’s cup of tea. But with few traits you may win your lady-love. All you need to have are some common basic things that women love in men and if you don’t know what women love in men then here are those qualities women look for in men and which women throw them for. Here we go with qualities men should have.

Impeccable Talent:

The first thing you should have to win a woman is limitless talent. Whether you are musician, player, a social activist or politician it matters nothing to them. What your field is negligible for them and the only countable thing is how far you have excelled in your field. Develop some kind of activity that ignites you and trust us your lady will be all over you.

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Every woman loves a man who is sensible and thoughtful so roaster your senses of thinking ability to win a girl. Be a man of envy with your intellect and communication. Indirectly let her know what you are as a man. Use the same thoughtfulness and intelligence to win her. Say her how she had been lingering in your thoughts and say her how important she is to you in your life. All your words should be towards winning her heart and thought.


Humor is an exceptional thing which shows the presence of intellect and mind. One needs no explanation why women always fall for men with an amazing sense of humor. If you can manage even the toughest situation with humor and make her more comfy in such situation then your half work is done. After all, who in the world can ignore a man with best trait: humor?

A Grandeur Smile:

Smile not only adds attraction it even shows one’s confidence levels in dealing with the things. The best man a woman can find is the one who has never ending and never giving up attitude. Smile is the indication of success, care, love and also a phenomenal way of letting your girl know how happy she can be in your presence. Smile just doesn’t come on its own it is something that is achieved. So if you have smile then it says you have achieved some success and which girl can say no to a successful fellow.

Romantic way:

Romance is neither sex nor burying the girl with loads of gifts and it’s not even showering words of praise. It’s more than that. It’s the way of communicating how much you love her. It’s the way of showing why you need her. If you are romantic enough to let her know why she holds such prominence in your life then it is romance.


Check with any woman on earth and know what attracts them more. The answer comes straight and without any delay: CONFIDENCE. Yes, you heard it right, who in the world likes a human who is always under confident and can never assure life.

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