what do men want in a relationship but never say

There are certain things which men want their girls to do for them and wish to hear from it but will never tell or hint you that they need it. The reason behind this silence might be that they either don’t like telling what they really want you to do or they are under the impression that their best-half knows what they really like. In this article let us see what men want from their women but will never open up.


According to many researches and studies men wish to be admired a lot. Men in general adore admiration, but they have some ideas on how they should be admired and adored. Men wish their girls show sincere admiration. And unfortunately many guys somehow find out fake admiration most of the time. So girls be careful on this. But there is no hurdle in the relationship as far as you admire him sincerely and tell him something genuinely. He will be very happy and pleased with real admirations and sincere words.


Admiration and respect go hand in hand. If you admire genuinely you will respect admiringly. Men desperately seek respect from woman who is everything for them in life. If you still don’t believe this simple logic ask your partner and see his response. You will be surprised to see how much he craves for respect. This is the most important thing they wish for but will never tell. But still a real girl will find out what his man wants and will behave accordingly. We are sure you are a real girl and you wish to respect him but how will you give respect him. Simple, you adore all their ideas, feelings and thoughts wholeheartedly. To say more precisely show him in actions how much he and his actions mean to you.


Men and kids are alike they always wish to be in the company of the woman they love. Men always wish their loved girl companionship; he always wishes you accompany him to golf court, while he moves out for some parties or even for that when he moves out for a walk. The simple psychological thing behind this is he just likes you to be around him every time and everywhere. So be with him and also say how much you too love his companionship.

A pleasing voice:

Men value a pleasant voice tone and it doubles when the woman of their choice has pleasant tone. Not only men even women and for that matter everyone appreciates pleasant tone. Pleasant voice here doesn’t connote that you should have voice of Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, pleasant tone here means having serene word to your man. A warm and comforting tone is all what you need, just have that in you and you will see the relation moving towards perfection.

So what are you waiting for we have given answers for what do men want in a woman? Just do all these things for your man don’t wait for him to tell you, he will never say you but still do these for your man and make him completely yours.

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