What causes lesser sex drive in women?

Sex has important place in life. Everyone undergoes difficulties in sex desire but if the sexual desire is perpetually down then it is a sign of health problem. For some reason women are being affected with either lesser sex desire or lack of sex desire at all in extreme cases. It is seen in many women irrespective of the age.  As per medical terms, lessened sex desire in women is called as female hypoactive sexual desire disorder. As per studies, one out of three women across the globe aged between 18 and 59 has this problem. It is more prevalent in middle-aged women than in younger women. The reasons can be either mental or physical behind this. This should be treated or else it may lead to many physical and also mental disorders in the long run.

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Here let us see the all the mental and physical causes behind this disease.

Psychological causes for female hypoactive sexual desire disorder….

1) Depression

2) Lack of interest in sex

3) Unhappy married life

4) No proper foreplay and also mental stimulation

5) Having no interest on the partner

6) Less sex desire of the opposite gender

7) Lack of mental attachment towards the partner

8) Long standing dissatisfaction in sex

9) Lack of orgasm perpetually

10) Increased professional demands

11) Stress caused due to economy and family requirements

12) Lack of mutual cooperation and interest

13)  To many negative thoughts on shape and body

14) Not having proper idea on sex and its importance

These in general are the psychological causes that lead to less sex desire in women.

The physical causes are also at play for the onset of lack of sexual interest in women. The following are the physical causes for female hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

1) Obesity

2) Hypertension

3) Diabetes

4) Backbone problems

5) Nerve disorders

6) Some kind of surgeries, mostly done on backbone and near pelvic region

7) Deficiency of bartholin gland

8) Some kind of medications

9) Addictions

10) Heart related problems

These are the major physical causes behind this.

Tips to increase sex desire:

In case you are suffering from less sex desire every care should taken to increase. Staying passive and leaving it as such can be deadly in the long run. Here we go with these tips…

  • Eat tofu in place of cheese.
  • Depend more on soy products as they increase the production of estrogen hormone.
  • Eat more of vitamin E and C foods.
  • Eat more foods that increase blood and assist in proper blood flow such as green leafy vegetables and fruits, more of pomegranate.
  • Massage the private parts with olive oil.
  • Yoga and meditation are also good to increase sex desire.
  • Keep the body fit and in shape.
  • Fish oil should be consumed regularly.

The above things will assist you in getting back to normal sex life.

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