What actually is Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)…..

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has become common for many women these days and according to reports 80 percent of women are suffering from PMS. But still many of them don’t know the fact that they are suffering from PMS as many of the symptoms associated with it look alike to normal conditions. This peculiarity of the disease made it difficult for the doctors to recognize it as a disease for many years. Even after many researches no specific causes, symptoms and treatments for PMS can be generalized.

What actually is PMS?

PMS is a change that happens both in physical and mental conditions during the second half of the menstrual cycle. The hormones released during this period lead to several mental and physical changes. One can observe conditions such as increased fatigue and change in mental conditions that reflect in anger, depression and lack of concentration.

Causes of PMS:

Till now there are no specific causes that can be attributed to this condition. But as far as researches say the increase in the production of estrogen and progesterone might be one of the causes. These two sexual hormones will act on the neurotransmitters present in the brain and cause differences in serotonin activities. As a result there is an increase in stress and anxiety. Sometimes even genetically transmitted causes can be the cause. Certain kinds of habits such as taking more caffeine, depression, anxiety and smoking can also causes. Lack of vitamins, magnesium and required amounts of proteins will also lead to PMS.

How to diagnose PMS?

This is one condition which cannot be easily diagnosed by lab tests; the only way is to keep an eye in the changes that occur before menses.  Keep observing your changes both physical and mental to diagnose the situation. Having a look in changes and noting them down for few months will help you to diagnose PMS.

Treatment options for PMS:

The one easy and recommended way to fight PMS is to stay calm and follow peaceful life. Bringing positive changes to lifestyle and following good eating habits are very useful in nullifying the symptoms.

There are also many medicines which are available in market to control hormones. The factors that increase PMS conditions such as smoking, additional intake of caffeine and tea should be reduced. Even sodium and sugar content in the food should be reduced drastically to combat the situation in a better way. All the steps should be taken to increase the fiber content in the food.

Having proper sleep and maintaining the mental balance are very important. To maintain proper mental health condition practice yoga, breathing exercises and meditation regularly. One should also do aerobics daily for minimum half an hour. One more important thing is to take the aid of your family.

In nutshell the best medication to fight PMS is to have peaceful, stress less and calm life along with proper lifestyle that includes good eating habits and staying away from alcohol and tobacco.

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