What actually is hyperlipidemia?

Lipids are nothing but fats. These act as energy givers to the body and are stored in the blood. Triglycerides and cholesterol too are called as lipids. When the lipid contents in the blood rise then it is known as hyperlipidemia. This is normal for many and hyperlipidemia can be controlled with some medications and few diet changes.

What happens when one has hyperlipidemia?

One thing that is sure to happen is heart related problems as the cholesterol levels rise in the body.

What causes hyperlipidemia?

There are many causes for hyperlipidemia but the following are the common causes:

•    Obesity

•    Diabetes

•    Consumption of liquor

•    Genes related problems

•    Jaundice

•    Lack of proper eating habits

•    Certain kind of medications

•    Kidney related problems

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How to control hyperlipidemia?

The ways to control are as simple as that, but the problem arises because these said controlling means are not as easy as said. Anyway let us see how to control hyperlipidemia?

1)    Follow correct eating methods and foods less in cholesterol.

2)    Keep doing exercise regularly.

3)    Stop the habit of drinking with immediate effect.

Follow these and you are sure to beat hyperlipidemia.

What foods not to eat with hyperlipidemia?

•    Avoid eggs and red meat.

•    Eat more fiber content food.

•    Lessen the fried foods and prefer more of boiled foods as they are easy to digest.

•    Check your weight and anything more than BMI should be got down.

Ayurvedic treatment for hyperlipidemia:

There are many conventional treatments to treat hyperlipidemia but the best way is to go for ayurvedic means as they come with no side effects. As part of the treatment process the patient’s physical and mental conditions are taken into consideration and medicines are given accordingly. The results will be more fruitful when genetic constitution treatment is taken under an experienced ayurvedic practitioner. One should also follow all the food instructions given by the doctor and put the body under physical pressure by regularly following exercises.

What are cholesterol and triglyceride?

One should understand these two in detail as lipids are nothing but the two.

Cholesterol: The food we take decides the cholesterol levels in the body. The food we take turns into cholesterol in the liver. Everybody needs cholesterol to some extent to keep the body fit. With the help of lipoproteins, it reaches different parts of the body. Based on lipoproteins cholesterol is divided into two kinds: LDL or normally called as bad cholesterol as it obstructs the flow of blood and HDL or good cholesterol  as it lessens the problems of blood flow.

Triglycerides: These are that kind of fat content that are present in high levels in the body. For example, they are present more in the stomach and butt area.

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