Warning signs of liver problems

The most important way to maintain good health is to keep an eye on early symptoms and signs of liver problems in humans. The following are the symptoms of liver problems….

Discoloring of skin– Jaundice:

The first sign of liver problem is malfunctioning of liver which means the liver is in no position to filter the toxins that are injected into the body. Added to this Bilirubin gets accumulated in the bloodstream and turns the skin color to yellow over a period of time. This yellow color can also be found with fingernails and eyes. This situation in medical terminology is referred as Jaundice.

Sensitivity of the skin:

The other early symptom of liver problems is also linked with the skin, with lapse of time the skin turns itchy or becomes oversensitive to touch. The problem heightens with passage of time and severity of the problem.

Change in urine and stool color:

Any change in the color of urine and stool is also the sign of liver problem. The thickening of urine and stool is many times associated with liver problem. The liver problem is also associated with the presence of blood in stool and uneasy bowl movement.

Abdominal area changes:

Any abnormal changes associated with abdominal area are also one sign of liver problem. The abdominal changes include pains or cramps, mostly in lower part of the abdomen. This sign when left untreated can lead to a situation called as Ascitis.

Experiencing fatigue:

The continuous feeling of tiredness and fatigue for no reason can also be noted as sign of liver problems. If you experience fatigue even for small work and even with perfect food intake then it is a sign that should be attended by doctor.

Vomiting and Acid reflux:

One more common early symptom associated with liver problems is the sensation of acid reflux and frequent experiencing of indigestion. This situation can at times lead to vomiting.

Lack of appetite:

Lack of appetite either completely or partially indicates liver problems; this symptom becomes increased with every lapse of time.

Fluid retention:

Retaining of fluids can as well be one sign that you have liver problems. It affects ankles, lower legs, and feet. All these parts swell as days pass by. When you press the swollen parts an imprint can be noticed that will stay back for few moments of time.


The liver has higher role in the process of digestion and any lapse in its functions will upset the digestion process and cause severe digestion problems. If the malfunction is left uncured it can lead to diarrhea.

Apart from the above signs one also experiences the feeling of sluggishness for no reason. Symptoms such as headaches, skin related problems and lack of interest can also be noticed.

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