Wall stickers: Decorate walls in style

The easiest way to give looks to your home is to take care of the walls. Wall decoration is an art. The elegance that is depicted on walls will directly reflect on the total beauty of your home. Here are few wall decorating ideas and tips to decorate the walls so that they give dazzlingly amazing looks.

Wall decoration stickers:

There are many beautiful wall stickers which you can stick on walls. The markets offer us with many designs and styles. These are also easy to use. They can be stuck to walls and easily be removed when you don’t want them anymore. You can as well use the same sticker to be placed on some other wall if you wish. Choose multipurpose stickers so that you can give your wall the multiple looks.

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Wall patterns:

You can as well plan wall patterns on walls easily. To do this, you need either wallpapers or stencils. When you choose a perfect color and perfect design keeping in mind the design of the home then the whole look of the home can be multiplied. The easiest thumb rule to follow for wall patterns is to design diagonal or diamond shaped designs on a plain background. Even light colored designs with dark backgrounds too look really well.

Pox paintings:

This kind of painting is also called as mimic painting and it best suits wooden furniture and materials. But these paints can do wonders only when an expert painter paints or else all your money will go in vain. You should first have an idea which item is to be mimicked then alone set out to paint. Some people use spray paint to give embossing effect while many use sponge and brush to paint. Here the point is not the material which you use, it is how effectively you are using them to give best looks for your wall.

Brick wall designs:

Not only bricks are helpful in building walls they are also useful for decorating them. You can place tiles in creative way and give new looks to your walls. You can design your wall by placing tiles and bricks in combination or by using them separately. Use different designs and also different colors to give different looks. But see to that they don’t misfire.


Colors are the best wall decorative items. Whatever you do, when the walls have no perfect matching colors then it is all in vain.  Show your personality and style in your wall colors. Let the colors speak for you and your walls. If you are not sure of the color combination you can get the advice from an expert. Using correct colors is the easiest and economical way of wall decoration than all of the above said things.

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