Vitamin deficiencies will lead to depression and mood swings

Suffering from depression and mood disorders has become common these days due to various problems. The only treatment for depression and mood swings we know is to visit a doctor and take prescribed drugs. But before doing so try to check if vitamin deficiency is one of the causes of depression and mood disorders. This will help you save money and health as anti-depression tablets are not good in the long run. Here are the nutrients that lead to depression if they are below the required quantity.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids-Deficiency:

One of the major depression causes is the lack of proper omega fatty acids.  This will not only lead to depression and mood swings but will also lead to many other disturbances. These are heavily found in flax seeds and fish. 0mega-3 fatty acids deficiency or a lack of balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids can be 1 of the factors to gloominess. The brain needs fatty acids to function and to have a positive approach to the life. Researchers have traced that lot many of the depression patients lack fatty acids. And fatty acids are also needed for patients suffering inflammation and other pain problems. If you are traced with fatty acids deficiencies then buy fish oil.

Vitamin D-Deficiency:

As we all are well aware Vitamin-D is vital for bones, brain and immune functions. The best and cheapest source of this vitamin is sunlight. According to the published result in 2013 January 21st by The Journal Clinical Nutrition, 18000 England citizens were having mental dysfunctions due to lack of Vitamin D. They traced that Vitamin D deficiency was there in patients suffering from panic disorders and depression. The study even said that people with Vitamin D deficiency have a higher risk to develop depression in the later part of life. Most of the seniors lack correct amount of Vitamin D. The major reason for this scenario is the lack of exposure to sunlight. So have a walk outside before 7 in the morning to get maximum vitamin-D.


Neuropsychiatry says there is a lot of evidence to say that there is a close relation between deficiencies of B-Vitamin and depression including mood swings. Prefer to purchase gel capsules with minimum 25 mg for different types of B- Vitamins incorporated in the composition rather than tablets.


It is needed for proper functioning of the thyroid. The thyroid is 1 of the vital glands in the body. Thyroid affects many functions of the human body which also includes immune function, brain function and body temperature. Iodine is rich in foods like potatoes, Kelp, Hiziki, cranberries, Wakame, Arame, and Kombu.

Amino Acids-Deficiency:

As per science, the human body is incapable of producing 9 needed amino acids and the only way out is to eat foods that give these 9 amino acids to the body. Beans, fish, eggs, nuts and meat are high in amino acids. Eat them more to stop depression and mood swings due to lack of amino acids.

Zinc, chromium, folate, and also iron deficiencies are also depression causes.

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