VASALGEL: New hope for male contraception

As far as contraceptives are concerned men have lesser options when compared to women. Soon this situation might change as scientists are working on finding out a new contraceptive for men called as ‘’Vasalgel.’’

Women have lot many choices starting from patches to IUDs and pills while male birth control options have only two options: vasectomies and condoms, which have weaknesses of their own as we can hear men complaining every now and then on satisfaction and pleasure when contraceptive methods are followed.   .

Presently a group of people under the guidance of Parsemus Foundation, a Bay area located foundation is working on Vasalgel, a kind of injectable blockade that makes a seal in the men’s vas deferens, a small tube from which the sperm usually passes through. Once it is injected in vas deferens this gel works as a filter to let fluids pass through excluding the sperm.

Dissimilar to conventional vasectomy, Vasalgel can be reversed easily if the evidences from trails on animals are to be believed. When an extra injection is administered it speedily break downs the barrier, letting men to restart their fertility.

As far as testing in the labs are concerned this technology has shown effective results in rabbits and baboons. According to Parsemus Foundation director Elaine Lissner Vasalgel is almost all alike to the IUD, used to prevent pregnancy in women.

The science and methods used behind Vasalgel technology in fact has a very long history, which also includes a correlated formulation used in clinical trials that took place in India for twenty years. These Indian trials were the motivation for Vasalgel trails. The team under the guidance of Lissner has taken the rights to continue gel-barrier kind of contraception for men in the Western world.

Parsemus scientists wish to start the Vasalgel clinical trials in 2015. They are even planning to throw it open in the market not exceeding three years unless something goes wrong.

Lissner also said that the timing is hopeful, however one will have to read about getting something to the market within five to ten years, and this normally means it will never happen.

But to many of the doctors the question now is whether Vasalgel will replace conventional vasectomy? As far as doctors are concerned this gel technique sounds interesting to many as it poses to be a good option for vasectomy since many people don’t prefer vasectomy.

Despite it sounding good option doctors doubt the efficacy of it as they predict unforeseen side effects and even as far as reversal is concerned they have their own doubts.

However if everything goes well Vasalgel is going to create new trend as far as male contraception methods are concerned.

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