Uses of different flowers in office

When you have a peaceful mind that is stress-free you can increase your productivity both in terms of personal and professional fronts. When you need such peaceful mind all steps should be taken to beat stress. One such step is to fill your surroundings with flowers. Each flower has different kind of effect on body and mind. They not only enhance the looks of the surroundings but will also lift your mood. Here are different uses of flowers in daily life and also in office.

African violet:

This flower is highly effective and useful in winning the heart and trust of people. It attracts the people and drags their attention. It is highly useful if you are running an advertising or Public Relations company. Place this flower without fail and see the results. These also help customers in trusting the brand and quality of your products. As per Feng Shui experts’ suggestions, African violet flowers should always be present without fail in these two types of office.

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English Ivy:

These flowers are useful in evading negative effects from the surroundings. These flowers come in different colors and all are very useful for office surroundings. They should be present in each and every department of the office. These have a high hand in keeping away the negative effects of emotions and anger. Apart from keeping these flowers in all the department sections also place them without fail in washrooms. This is the place where you have to keep for enhanced results as per Feng Shui experts.


These flowers also are generally known as Daisy flowers and are highly useful in finance matters. Especially chrysanthemum flowers that are in dark red are very useful in beating finance problems. These are believed to bring financial progress in an office. Feng Shui experts believe this concept and also advocate this strongly for effective financial progress. Not only placing of these plants you should also decorate the surroundings of office with this flowers, doing so will also save you from unwanted spending as these flowers are known to obstruct all the ways and means that are responsible for unwanted expenses.


Tulips are highly effective and advantageous. Whatever the color of it, be it red, pink or black, all have their own way of increasing the positivity of the surroundings and humans. White tulips are highly useful in keeping up the mood and lifting the workers productivity. These white flowers influence the creativity of the workers and so the output is enhanced.

Gerbera Daisies and Jade plants:

These plants should be placed in places where you take financial decisions and transactions. Keeping them in places where financial works are carried will increase the liquid balances of any company.

So keep all these in mind the importance of flowers in office and decorate your offices.

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