Unwanted hair removal made easy

Many of us implement many ways to remove unwanted hair. But there is no guarantee that the implemented ways will give fruitful results. Might be the modus operandi is wrong and so the results are ineffective. Here are few tips for hair removal and are more easy and effective than the ways you are implementing.

Shower before you shave:

The best way for removing unwanted hair is to shower. If you shower then you are doing away the natural oils and other dirt accumulated on the skin and leaving behind fresh and clean skin. We need fresh skin for proper shaving. Even the hair gets wet and so it is easy to shave them. You need to soak the part of the body in water at least for 3 minutes which you intend to shave. Anything more than this amount of time will lead to wrinkles and makes tougher shaving. So don’t do the mistake of soaking for more minutes.

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Salt scrub:

When you scrub before shaving then you are removing the dead skin cells and other dirt that has piled up in between the hair. If you wish to shave the hair on legs then scrub the legs one day before. Use salt for scrubbing. Begin scrubbing from the ankle and move towards the top. In case you have very sensitive skin then wear exfoliating gloves to scrub.

Shave gel is a must:

Before you begin to shave, use a good moisturizing shaving gel on the area where you intend to shave. Applying shaving gel will keep the hair damp and also allow easy movement of the razor. Don’t do the mistake of wetting the hair with soap water. If you do so the hair will get stuck in the razor and it will be difficult for close and easy shave. Apart from this the skin also becomes dry with too much soap usage.

Use new blade:

As far as possible it is better to use only new blades to remove unwanted hair. If you wish to have neat and close skin shave then use an old blade that is not so sharp. The hair growth differs from person to person but not considering this, it is better to limit a single blade only for 10 times.

Be mild and slow:

The easiest hair removing tips at home to follow is to be cautious with using tools on skin. Exert only needed pressure and shave slowly and neatly. Don’t be in a hurry to finish it off. Prefer to shave in such direction which is more comfortable for you. When you shave the bikini area apply  gel and make out a thick lather for safe shaving.

Prefer branded razor:

The best way to remove body hair is use only those razors that are designed to remove unwanted hair. Using a razor that removes the dead skin cells and brings new skin out is the best. If you use a razor that has petrolatum, a kind of skin protectant then the skin will not go dry.

Follow these easy ways to remove hair at home and you will get smooth shaving.

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