Unusual facts about North Korea that will make you question existence

Which nation strikes your mind when you think of worst living conditions? North Korea, if so, your thinking is right!!! This nation is one amongst the worst countries to live in. Here are the bizarre facts of North Korea that will make you happy for not being born as a North Korean.

Unusual facts about North Korea that will make you question existence Photo Credit: http://edition.cnn.com

  • Hating your firm that makes you work even on Saturdays? Well, in that case, you shouldn’t pity yourself, North Korea has 6 working days per week, however, it has 1 day of forced ‘volunteer’ labor too. In this sense, it has 7 working days unofficially.
  • Kim Jong II, during his ruling tenure, unveiled his biography which said few very strange facts regarding his life. It proclaimed that his birth was under a couple of rainbows and his arrival made a new star to emerge in the sky. Throughout this biography, he even sought people to believe him as a God. He said that he could control the weather.
  • North Korea is the sole necrocracy in the globe, in this terms, it functions even now under a demised ruler.
  • Kim Jong-Un brutally killed his uncle by unclothing him naked and feeding him to 120 hungry dogs in a locked cage.
  • The country has enlisted nearly 2000 women under the ‘Pleasure Squad’. Yes, your guess is right, it is for that only, sheer pleasure!!!
  • The single thing the North Korea students are educated is regarding the North Korea history and heroic stories of Kim Jong I & Kim Jong II.
  • North Korea constructed the spectacular Kijong Dong city just to entice South Koreans in. however, it’s a replica city – no one really lives there. However, the country makes extraordinary efforts to light it up during nights to give it a real look.
  • North Korea also has its own time zone at present. They set the clock back by half an hour to revolt against the evil Japanese imperialists.
  • The country even executes a 3 generation punishment rule on its people, according to this, if a human does a crime, his following 2 generations will also undergo punishment. This at times implies, 3 generations of the same family living their total lives in the jail!
  • There is also a rule that total buildings in the country be painted in grey. They should even have images of the leaders.
  • All houses in North Korea should have portraits and idols of the famous North Korean leaders.
  • North Korea conducts elections every five years, however, there is only 1 nominee to vote for. If a person wants to cast vote against the lone candidate, she/he requires striking off the nominee’s name & that too, without any anonymity or secrecy.
  • The male people of the nation are compelled to go for the Kim Jong-Un hairstyle and nothing else!
  • It is not 2017 at present in North Korea. They adhere to the Juche calendar, which was rolled out in 1997. The year is 106, counted from the Kim Il-Sung’s birth year.
  • Each home in the country is built-in with a Government-run radio and the people are not permitted to switch it off.
  • Few wrongs are just not forgiven in this heinous nation and may cost the life. In case someone is found having Bible or noticed watching pornography or South Korean movies, the sentence is the death penalty. No compassion there.
  • No one is permitted to take photographs of the poor, chiefly the tourists. It is just a punishable wrong. North Korea trusts picturing the deprived will discolor its image.
  • Speaking to have-nots is nearly crime but surprisingly most of North Koreans live in total poverty.
  • No celebrations are to be made on the 8th of July and 17th of December in North Korea, including birthdays. The reason is Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong II died on these days, respectively.
  • Tourists are not permitted inside North Korea with mobiles. Phones are taken away at the airport itself and given back just when the tourists fly back.
  • Not only this, tourists are not even permitted to talk to the locals. They are under unvarying control of the guide and are not permitted to go around and discover the places on their own.
  • North Korea has just 3 channels on their television.
  • Nobody is permitted to possess motor vehicles in the country, nobody save for, of course, the military officials and government.
  • There is also no internet. Just VIPs have the freedom to surf the internet. The country has also executed its own operational scheme known as Red Star!
  • North Koreans are totally delinked from the rest of the globe. The newspapers, news channels and magazines report nothing from the outside world, they just brag about North Korea. The people in fact are living on lies.
  • The entire North Korea is present with public speakers fixed on many roads. The misinformation can factually begin at any time of the day and the people are subjected to bear by it.
  • Nearly 2.5 lakh North Koreans were placed in prison camps. These camps are secured by electric fencing!
  • Even what you should wear the government decides, it’s crime to wear jeans in this nation.

Now, got to know North Korea secret facts and how hard life can be in North Korea so you should be happy if you aren’t a North Korean.

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