Unleash the real beauty in you with chocolate mask

Chocolate as many of us think is not really that bad for us. It is bad for us only when it is taken in exceeding limits. Taking correct chocolate in correct way and in the correct amount will give us health. Here we shall see how to make a chocolate mask for glowing and radiant skin. We shall also see which kind of chocolate should be used to make a chocolate mask.

Chocolate has cocoa in it, which is very beneficial for us. Taking cocoa in any form is one of the easiest ways of growing healthy naturally. The more the amount of cocoa and caffeine is present in a chocolate the more healthy you are going both internally and externally. Here we say externally as cocoa gives a healthy skin. A chocolate is called as dark chocolate when the amount of cocoa and caffeine is high in it and this is the kind of chocolate we are talking here about. These chocolates are high in antioxidants, more importantly polyphenols and flavonoids, which are highly essential for our health.

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Before buying any chocolate to make face mask see the labels clearly. Avoid those kinds of chocolates that are high in sugar and milk and prefer those one which are high in cocoa and caffeine. The more the amount of cocoa is present the more it radiates and benefits the skin.

How to make chocolate face mask?

•    Take a chocolate rich in cocoa and caffeine and crush it well to make a paste.

•    Take organic honey in a cup.

•    Now add the crushed chocolate to it.

•    Take a few oats and grind well in a mixer.

•    Take two tablespoons of grinded oats and add it to the honey and chocolate mixed paste.

•    Mix all of them well.

•    Also add 1 tablespoon of yogurt to it and again mix well.

•    Allow it to stay for half an hour.

Your chocolate face mask is ready for the application.

The one important tip to follow while applying face mask is you should leave off the region near the eyes and apply this mask using a face brush. While applying it, apply in round motions. Leave it as such for 15 minutes so that it gets completely dried up. Soon after the lapse of 15 minutes wash the face with lukewarm water.

Benefits of chocolate face mask:

•    It glows and radiates the skin.

•    It will remove the dead skin cells from the face.

•    It will effectively remove dust particles from skin pores.

•    It also acts as a natural anti-aging cream.

•    It easily wards off the effects of harmful UV rays.

So keep all these in mind and make the chocolate mask to glow in beauty.

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