Understanding nightmares will give you better sleep

However hectic the day was? If one can’t get a sound sleep at night then it is a problem as you cannot get ready for the next day. Getting peaceful sleep is a dream for all but not a dream completed for all. There might be many causes. One such cause of sleeplessness is nightmares. Here let us see the reasons behind nightmares and also how to treat them.

Why understanding nightmares in detail is important?

Nightmares are not just the ones that only lead to improper sleep they are something more and need to be understood in detail for a better sleep.

•    Nightmares will linger on even after you are awake and will lead to depression, agony, and fear. So try to remember them clearly to get it treated well.

•    Nightmares can easily lead to perpetual awakening during sleep.

•    Some people face even more difficulty with them as they cannot slip over to sleep following a nightmare.

•    Some can totally remember the dreams and this will cause more panic in them.

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Causes of nightmares:

Even now, the causes and reasons for nightmares are not clear. But according to psychologists few things such as unwanted incidents in life and failure in life have a strong hold behind nightmares. More importantly when someone loses their loved one then the chances of falling sick to nightmares are high. Mental traumas too can be the reason for some people. Usually, these traumas are the effect of meeting some horrible incidents in life.

Certain types of medicines too can lead to this condition. More importantly medicines that have serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in them can aggregate the situation. Medicine such as levodopa which is used to treat Parkinson’s disease too can lead to nightmares.

Other medicines that cause nightmares:

•    Antidepressant medicines and beta blockers.

•    Some kinds of antioxidants and anti-malarial phyllocontin tablets.

•    Medicines such as opioids and barbiturates.

Other conditions that lead to nightmares include sleep apnea and addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Treatments for nightmares:

Treatment and medicines depend on mental and physical condition of the patient and also differ from person to person. Say for example if a person is getting nightmares due to stress, fear and depression then these should be treated as part of treating nightmare.

Another kind of treatment known as cognitive behavioral therapy (C.B.T) can even be implemented. This will cure stress and anxiety and will lead to peaceful sleep. This treatment will focus on the imbalanced thought process and behavior.

Even imagery rehearsal therapy (I.R.T) is also one good option. As part of the treatment patient’s mind is tuned to recognize the positive points in nightmares.

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