Unbeatable and trendy summer fashion tips

Summer can be more horrible when you don’t know how to dress up and which accessories to carry. The color and also the print of your dress affect your mood and day. Here are few summer dressing tips and fashion tips to follow to beat summer heat and summer problems effectively.

What color should you go for?

As far as the color preference is concerned there are two options: light colors and fresh and lovely colors. It is a known fact that heat is at its peak in summers, so choose such types of colors that don’t absorb more heat. Colors such as light blue, and rose or for that matter light brown color go well. These colors lessen the effect of heat and so the body’s temperature can be kept at the minimum. Prefer wearing these colors in the morning hours and during evenings you can choose orange, chocolate brown and dark blue.

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What should be the fabric of clothing?

Many people prefer printed cotton material during summers. They are good but to stay in fashion, mix some variety such as handloom cotton and Linen cotton. These kinds of fabrics are best during mornings and as far as evenings are concerned prefer silk material.

What kind of prints?

The next thing that you should consider next to the color of clothes is the print on them. Don’t go for large printed materials in summers prefer small prints that are attractive. Prefer clothes with small lines and stripes. The simple best way would be to avoid all the prints and prefer plain textured clothes.

Mid fitting is best:

The best way to choose dress fitting is not to choose either too tight fitting or too loose fitting. If you choose too loose-fitting the clothes will not absorb sweat and if you choose too tight fighting you will soak in sweat. So the best way would be to choose midway. Chose a fitting in which you can stay comfortable. If you prefer wearing jeans, choose loose fitting jeans and also linen made pants go well. Wear loose t-shirts for that extra look.

Bags and accessories:

The best fashion for summer as far as accessories is concerned is to always better to keep them to the minimum. Avoid rexine and leather items. This should be strictly implemented with bags and footwear. Prefer cotton, jute, hand woven and woven bags to stuff your things. Even handcrafted bags are good as they don’t absorb heat and also look good. Prefer strapped sandals to leather sandals. These days you can find footwear made with the linen cloth, try them if you can get them.

Follow all the above fashion tips and you will stay cool and also sport rich looks.

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