Ugly facts and raising concerns about suicide tourism

The term ‘’suicide tourism’’ was less known to people in the recent past. But now the fact has changed. There is a growth in the number of tourists who visit the countries where suicide is not a legal offence. To simply quote suicide tourism definition is nothing but committing suicide without any legal hindrance. Here are some embarrassing facts that are raising new legal, social and human questions in many countries both from people and governments.

Lack of health is the main stimulant:

Many number of suicide patients say health concerns are primary reasons to take this drastic step. And surprisingly more than half of them are people who have neuro related problems such as paralyses, Motor neuron disease, Parkinson and multiple sclerosis.

More than half of the suicide tourists are women:

As the rate of suicide tourists is increasing alarmingly so is the number of women populace among them. There were 611 people who committed legal suicide between the years 2008 to 2012 in Switzerland and half of them were women. These 611 people have hailed from 31 different countries.

Every country is increasing its statistics:

The numbers of people are increasing in almost all the countries, more importantly from Germany and Great Britain. Here is the list of number of people from different countries who visited Switzerland between the years 2008-12.

1) Germany-268

2) UK-126

3) France-66

4) Italy-44

5) USA-21

6) Austria-14

7) Canada-12

8) Spain and Israel had 8 members each

9) India-1

Italians and French tourists are increasing rapidly:

When compared to other countries, Italy and France seems to be more at risk as the number of suicide tourists is increasing at a rapid rate. The suicide tourists in Italy were 4 in 2009 while it has leaped to 22 in 2012. In France it was 7 in 2009 and 19 in 2012.

The raising concerns on euthanasia tourism:

The first thing that is being raised by many social organizations is-is there a need to travel all along to Switzerland by people to commit suicides and this objection has even achieved higher tone with regards to two concerns.

1) Heavy economic burden on tourists to travel to Switzerland ( approximately USD 3000)

2) Why the countries are not legalizing ‘’suicide’’ based on humanitarian grounds, more specifically for people suffering from chronic diseases.

Probable solution:

Whether to legalize suicide or not is always a debate for many people. But according to Silvan Luley of Dignitas in Switzerland it is always wise to give authentication to suicide based on evaluating the situations thoroughly and also a positive approach by all the countries to the method of ‘’assisted suicide’’.

Not with standing his idea there are many people and NGO’s who say that the time is ripe for countries to draft legislations to that end since the facts are alarmingly going in favor of legal suicide from each and every corner of the globe. Doing so will at least save them from unwanted expenses and long travel.

Conclusion: Of course it is a known fact that suicide is the biggest crime but it is always in favor of mankind and humanity to legalize it rather than asking people to undergo unwanted pain.

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