Two of the tastiest chicken recipes for your belly

You might have tried many varieties and tasty dishes with chicken, but the ones now you will learn about are something different from routine ones as they are made on special occasion, which is part of Muslim culture. Here let us see 2 of those tasty and healthy chicken recipes.

1) Chicken macaroni:

Ingredients needed:

•    ½ kilo boneless chicken (cut into small pieces)

•    1 tablespoon of butter

•    1 tablespoon of oil

•    6 green chilies (cut them into tiny pieces)

•    1 capsicum (cut it into pieces)

•    ½ tablespoon of Pepper powder

•    Required amount of Coriander leaves (chop them)

•    4 tablespoons of ghee

•     200 grams of macaroni

•    2 tomatoes

•    2 tablespoons of milk

•    4 eggs

•    Required amount of salt

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How to prepare?

Take a bowl and boil the chicken well. At the time of boiling add pepper powder, green chilies, coriander, salt and also capsicum to it. Take another bowl and boil the macaroni. Take an egg, salt and milk in a cup. Mix them well till all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Finally pour macaroni on chicken and also the egg mix. Allow this to boil for 20 minutes and your tasty chicken macaroni is ready for your yummy eating.

2) Chicken coconut curry:

Ingredients needed:

•    1 spoon of Ginger and garlic paste

•    1.5 kilos of chicken

•    4 onions (cut them into small pieces)

•    2 spoons of oil

•    2 spoons of Coriander seeds powder

•    ½ spoon of Turmeric

•     5 tomatoes (cut them into pieces)

•    2 spoons of Chili powder

•    Required amounts of Coriander leaves (chop them)

•    ½ cup of coconut milk

•    Required amount of salt for taste

Preparation method:

Mix ginger and garlic paste to chicken pieces. Add two cups of water to this and boil it in a pressure cooker. Allow it to boil till you get 1 whistle. Remove this and store it aside in a bowl. Take a pan and heat oil well. Add onion pieces and fry them well. Touch up with chili powder, turmeric, and coriander powder. You should heat them till onions turn slightly yellow in color. Add tomatoes and salt and mix well. Finally add chicken pieces and milk to this and boil all of them well. See that you don’t boil less than 20 minutes for proper boiling of the chicken. The important specialty of this dish is fully boiled chicken pieces with a spicy taste. Once it is well-boiled garnish with coriander leaves and your dish is ready for consumption. This is really good with rice.

Try these and you will wonder how tasty chicken can be. You will for sure rethink to forego chicken if at all you had that thought.

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