Trendy and sexy wearables to make your life easy

Technology makes life easier and smarter. With the launch of many tech gadgets and wearables, life has seen new turns. Wearables some time back have only confined to fitness bands and smart watches but now the situation has changed. They have come down to minutest shapes and size such as finger rings. In this present topic let us see some of those variety and latest wearables.

June by Netatmo:

This is really an amazing wearable specially to protect the skin from harmful sun’s effects. It notifies on the intensity of sun’s heat and also the temperature. It also suggests when to apply sunscreen lotions and also on ant-aging tips. As soon as you strap this wearable on your skin it will notify you on the intensity and effect of sun’s heat on the skin and also communicates with your smart phone. It will give you real time advises on how to protect from sunburns and other hazards of the sun. This device appears like a jewel and so can rightly be called as fashion wearable. It tracks the sun’s rays. This stylish and trendy wearable gadget is available in gunmetal, gold and platinum colors.  You can either choose silicon or leather band based on your preference.

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MOTA SmartRing:

Though this is small in size and equal to the size of any ordinary ring the functions it does are more than you would have thought of in your dreams. By just placing this little sexy and trendy ring on your fingers you are bringing the entire world into your fingers tips. Name a thing and it will do it for you. Right from updates to the calendar and beginning from text messages to social networks it will do almost all everything a smartphone can do. It also has features such as waterproof and shock resistance. This has been designed and crafted keeping in view the daily chores. It has a touch display, using which you can see the notifications. It also connects with Android and Apple devices through Bluetooth. It also has the facility to get charged through inductive wireless charging.

Misfit Swarovski Shine:

If you wish something stylish, something trendy and something that runs on latest technology then you need this for sure. This is not only crystal encrypted fitness bracelet but is also a pendant made with aircraft grade aluminum. It just gives greatest looks when worn on the hand. It has the facility of getting charged with solar energy. It can as well charge with the help of artificial lighting. All you need is just 10 to 15 minutes of charging and it works for days. It synchronizes with your smart devices and also checks the quality of your sleep.

Going by these entire why do you want to spend on traditional ornaments. Spend on these techie ornaments and look stylish and keep updated.

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