Treating the skin with natural moisturizers

With growing pressure both on professional and personal fronts people are looking more aged than actually what they are. Apart from pressure there are also many reasons such as lack of proper food habits, increased exposure to pollution and lack of physical exercises that cause damage to the skin and give older looks. There are many medical supplements and surgical procedures to regain the looks but these always come with some side effects. Instead follow natural ways such as making use of natural products, good diet habits and proper exercising to reverse the odd looks.

The presence of toxins in the body is also one cause for poor health of the skin and aged looks. Drinking less water, over exposure to sunlight and presence of some untracked diseases can also give the skin pale looks which leads to wrinkles, lessened skin tone and bulgy eyes. As part of metabolism the body creates urea and ammonia, these should be flushed out of the body regularly or else they can cast their evil effect on the skin and can lead to aged skin. All these factors will lead to lack of mildness and wrinkles on skin. Not only is physical health important for good and healthy skin but we also need mental health.

When these many factors are in play then how to get good looks and perfect skin that is full of moisturizer and supple. Using moisturizers can to some extent can save you from the situation. But not all artificial moisturizers are good on skin. So use naturally available moisturizers to keep the skin moist. Here are few natural skin moisturizers that can work wonders on the skin by keeping the skin moist…Let us see what they are…

  1. Using paste made of tea leaves and aloe Vera gel is one best way to moisten the skin.
  2. Carrot pulp can also moisten the skin and maintain the water level in the skin. Eating raw carrot can also help out.
  3. Mix few drops of coconut oil to water and apply it as moisturizer to keep the skin damp.
  4. Make moisturizer using cucumber paste and curd. Mix both of them well and apply on skin before 20 minutes to bath and cleanse off to see moistened skin.
  5. Using black grapes, lemon juice and white eggs together is one natural way to pack the skin with moisturizers. These also have three more benefits while lime juice cleanses the skin, black grapes will give softness to the skin and white egg will tighten the skin.
  6. Use oat powder to remove dead skin cells, removing dead skin is nothing but making the skin moist.
  7. Make a paste using oat powder, cashew nut powder, honey and curd. Use this paste to get radiant and glowing skin.
  8. Using milk cream can also be beneficial as it is one natural body moisturizers.
  9. Using butter cream, papaya, honey and curd together will also give effective results.
  10. Tomato juice with honey can also be beneficial.

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