Treating nose faults with rhinoplasty

A good shaped nose gives added beauty to face, but not all are fortunate to have a shaped nose. And if you also fall under this category then Rhinoplasty is the best way to treat faults associated with nose such as shortness, misshapes, and long nose. Let us see what it is and know all the surgical methods and rhinoplasty procedures implemented in it to cure nose defaults.

 Who are eligible for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a kind of cosmetic plastic surgery to cure the defects that are present with the shape of the nose to give it an enhanced looks. This surgery can be done on a person who has crossed 16 years of age and it is not done in people who are aged below 16 as the nose can grow in size when one is below 16 years of age.

Myths about rhinoplasty:

  • Many people believe that rhinoplasty leads to scars post surgery which is just a myth.
  • The surgery brings problems in respiratory functions such as inhalation and exhalation, which is again not true.
  • Plastic or skin from other areas is used on nose during the surgery process which again is mere myth.

Normally a surgeon considers the problems associated with the nose and carries on surgery based on the problems. Based on the problems different types of rhinoplasty are done.

1) Crooked nose:

Normally the nose looks all fine during the first years of birth but for many it will get misshaped with growing age due to many problems, two main problems are damages caused on nose due to injuries and medical surgeries done on nose. Sometimes the nose gets misshaped even without any reason and the nose’s shape also depends on hereditary issues. Misshaped nose is called as ‘’crooked nose’’ in medical terminology, which can be corrected by a process called as septorhinoplatsy. In this kind of surgery the nose bones and middle bone of the nose are corrected accordingly.

2) Hump nose:

One is said to have hump nose when the nose is big. The nose of this kind is generally lengthier and is more heighted. In some people nose resembling that of an eagle can also be seen. This kind of nose can be corrected by using reduction rhinoplasty. This surgery does not bring any scars nor hampers the functions of the nose.

3) Rhinophyma: 

Normally this condition is seen when the skin of the nose grows, it happens mostly near nostrils, i.e. front part of the nose. This happens in people who drink heavy alcohol and also in people suffering from pimples. The extra grown skin is removed using laser treatment or using RF.

4) Saddle nose:

When the nose is small or is of lesser height it is called so, this kind of nose can be corrected by augmentation rhinoplasty surgery. The height of the nose is increased by implantation of bone.

5) Broad front nose:

There are many reasons for the broadness of nose in the front part; it can be the cause of either cholesterol, skin type or due to nose bone structure. Whatever the reason might be it can be corrected using tip plasty a kind of rhinoplasty surgery.

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